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Are you struggling with being successful either personally or professionally (or both) and you’re looking for the secrets to success. Well there are a million articles out there that outline steps you should take to be successful.

If you have however tried all the tips that are out there and still no luck then I suggest you read this post.

 Are there secrets of success that will transform you from a low level to a legend?

The answer is obvious; you probably believe there are steps you have to take to succeed. So I am going to list some secrets to success that will make you think about success differently. 

What do you define as Success

Do you know that success does not mean the same to everyone? I used to think it was the same.

It’s really not that easy to define success; the dictionary meaning  of success is not the same as what it is in reality. The reason is that our world has defined what success should be in our lives. Every industry or profession has success rules that you must follow if you want to be an expert or an authority.

However if you take a look at the biography of legends, you discover that they created a rule of success for themselves; they defined what success should be rather that what the world presented it to be.

Think about what you define as success in your life or career?

No 1

Is being the very first the secret of success? Most successful people have stated that aiming for No 1 is the right track to success. I agree! if you intend to compete or maybe you are award and title focused. However, being first does not guarantee success.

Nokia was a very popular brand in Nigeria during my days in the University. it was the number one phone of choice for everyone but today it’s not so any more. It’s facing stiff competition from smaller brands who are not number 1 but are more focused on bringing value to the masses.

Rather than aim for No 1, think about making a difference in your generation. 

Success Stories, Advice and Methods.

If you want to be successful, learn the methods of successful people. As good as this advice looks, there is a flaw. No situations are alike. What worked for one person might be a disaster for the other.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s wise to learn from others especially from professional colleagues but if what you want to do is copy and paste their strategy, then you might not like the outcome.

When successful people narrate a tale of their experience and journey to success, they usually are not aware of all the internal thoughts or beliefs that contributed to their success. So what you have is a piece of a puzzle.

An example is when people talk about goals. You have heard you need goals to succeed.  I have a friend who runs a poultry farm. Since he started his business, he has never had any goals written down and he has been successful; in fact he has about 30 people working under him. If I were to follow his method and start a business, I will not succeed as I am goal oriented.

Rather than create goals, my friend created a system that worked for him and followed the system which increased his success rate.

Creating a system is not rocket science, its identifying what works for you and keep repeating the process. If your system involves creating goals and it works for you, then follow it but if not, then look for what suits you. You can also pick from other people’s method; however look for methods that align with you.

The best way to easily create a system of success is to fail and learn.

So create a system for yourself that increases your success rate.

Mindset: Your Thinking is Everything

This is the most important factor to success which is why I saved this for the last. The roadmap to success starts from here; it’s not your education, connection, talent, or luck. It’s inside your brain. There is a constant battle in the mind; One part tells you what’s possible and  the other part tells you what’s impossible.

Your level of success is going to be determined by whose voice appeals to you. Is it Possibility or impossibility but let me tell you that anything is possible.

Never give up! Don’t think Failure and always be positive.

There is no one size fit secret to success. What you should know is that you are author of your story either success or failure.

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