What is your selling point
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Africa Music has had a big turnaround. Music Videos are better and are of good standard except for the alarming rise of unethical scenes. We have got talented African Artist coming up but the lyrics have become weird. It seems our generation have embraced weird lyrics as long as the beats are groovy.

I did stumble on one music that caught my attention. It was sang by D’Prince released by Marvin Records with the title “Goody Bag“. What attracted me to this song was the very first lyrics, used to start the song

They want my goody bag, eh

They want my goody bag, eh 

I get the goody bag, eh 
I know you want my goody bag, eh 
What’s your selling point, eh 
Do you know your selling point, eh 
You gots to know your selling point, eh 
Oya identify your selling point, ehhh 

This song reminds me of the very basics of selling which since the existence of man has always remained with us till today. It’s Trade by Barter which states that if you want something of value, you have to give something of equal value. 

When you  listen to the music and filter the slangs, some of the things he says, makes sense excluding some profane words. 

We  need to know our selling point. It’s not only businesses that needs to figure this out, everyone is involved. We are all in the business of selling. We sell our skills, products and services for monetary value but there other things in life that need your selling point.

If you want to be the President of your country, then what is your selling point?

If you want to be the Head of the Department in your company? What is your selling point?

If you want to be the best in school, what is your selling point? Obviously other students are not sleeping.

If you want to change the world, you need to know your selling point. Why should they trust you.

If you want to be a light to your world, you need a selling point.

The problem isn’t that people don’t realise that they need a selling point; they are very much aware. The problem is that most people don’t know how to identify their selling point. So if you don’t know how to identify your selling point,  try this tips below:

Be Unique

Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself. There is no one in the world like you. You are the selling point; so be proud of it. It’s boring to see you and identify some other person instead of you. You got something in you that is worth the attention; so bring it out and lets be blessed by it.

Know Your Weakness

There is strength in weakness.  Yes I believe this, even though most people will not agree. Most experts say that if you know your weakness, you can improve on it and turn it to a strength. It might be true if you are trying to get a job but most companies thrived because they were first able to connect with people’s weakness. I have never seen a product that solves Strengths .

Know your weakness, there is someone out there who you can connect and solve his problems.



Your skills, knowledge and experience is unique because it’s yours and beneficial to others.  So take an inventory of your skills, think about the experiences you have had and what were the lessons that you learned. Think about what you know; then package them and make them your selling point.

So What’s your selling point?


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