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Guest Post

The easiest way to motivate people is through talking about your personal experience and that’s why I am a fan of storytelling. I believe the words of Sandra Zoratti

“Stories are our destiny; they express us; they connect us; they sustain us; they engage us; they reach into the depths of our souls and link us to other people in a unique and unparalleled way. Stories are communal”

That’s why I make a challenge to bloggers who wish to submit an article in this blog on the following topics; Social media, innovation, personal development, leadership and creativity,to create a story that will inspire our readers. Try it and see. We are all storytellers.

This is not really about only promoting bloggers or trying to get traffic. This is about reaching out to someone with a story that stimulates action, significant change and living life intentionally which is why I believe there are stories out there that can achieve this.

Therefore I have created a guideline below not to scare away writers but so that we can all be on the same page.

Writers Guideline

1. Submissions must be thought provoking, insightful and have a story with lessons. You are encouraged to use images and videos.

2. Submissions should be between 800-1500 words. Please don’t write to fill the space, let your post be inspirational and provide value to readers.

3. Submissions should be written in English and be well edited.

4. Submissions should include the author’s bio. You can only add a link to your site in the bio and also your social profiles..

5. Do not pass on another person’s work as your own. Please adhere to copyright rules.

6. Article written originally by someone else will not be accepted, we encourage you to write your own story.

7. Any link within the article linking back to your site must be relevant to the article. It may be removed if it breaks Google’s rules.

9. Affiliate links, link selling, link stuffing are not accepted.

10. If you intend to write a post for advertising purpose,or write a sponsored post, please contact me.

We will gladly publish your story in the next update.

If you have any questions regarding the process, send me an email at the contact page . Submit your posts to