Every man has the potential to influence his generation 

His name is Sam Berns. a Junior at Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts, where he has achieved highest honors and was a percussion section leader in the high school marching band.

Sam was known to have a rare rapid aging disease called Progeria at the age of 2 but he never allowed this to stop him from having fun and a fulfilled life.

Rather than think about the challenge in his life which was caused by this disease, he had a dream to make a difference in his community by living a happy life.

This got him a speaking gig with TEDx, and this adorable kid who was just 17, taught the world his philosophy and secret to happiness and passed on.

Sam’s Philosophy For A Happy Life And What You Can Learn From It

Be OK With What You Ultimately Can’t Do Because There is So Much That You Can Do

People cloud their minds with things that they can’t do or challenges that are affecting them.

Sam shared that even though he understood there are things he couldn’t do because of his Progeria, he focused on things he could do and made adjustments where necessary.

If you feel there are some things that you can’t just do, well there are many things that you can do; focus on those things ( Sam shows a clip playing the drum).

Surround Yourself With People You Want To Be Around

Sam expressed his appreciation for the people he had experienced in life. It was friends, family, classmates, and loved ones that made him enjoy what life had to offer. He advised that we should never take our friends and families for granted as they are very important in our life.

Sam was able to accomplish a lot through the help of friends like being able to play his passion which is music.

Always surround yourself with people who will make you positive. They will guide you to achieve your dreams

Keep Moving Forward

Despite Sam’s condition, he was able to move forward and enjoyed the things that matter most in life .

Sam revealed that even though he felt sad sometimes, he found a way to deal with it and move forward. 

Earlier in his life, Sam discloses that he struggled with the question of why he had to face such ordeal but now, he had matured, and rather than focus on it, thought about other thoughts

Make a Difference

Sam message to everyone is always to be happy in spite of your situation. If you focus on your limitation, you will be limited; If you focus on your condition, you are never going to do much. Instead, focus on achieving your dreams and you live life intentionally. 

What other things did you learn from Sam, please share in the comments below





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