Everyone can make a difference

The problem is that people think that making a difference means you need to be the Main Actor

Hi! Welcome to my Blog

My name is Ikechi Awazie from Nigeria. I am Web developer and currently a Crypto lover. I am happy to know that this blog is making a difference and giving people the strength to achieve their dreams

My journey began when i decided to make a change one action at a time . I started with being a contributor to a church website, then I created this blog to light my world one post at a time. I have been fortunate to lead, inspire, equip and encourage others. I love to learn, help other people and take on new challenges.

So What do i have for You

I am fascinated by great men and women who caused a revolution in our World. These great men were ordinary people who made changes that were significant, innovative and introduced a different way of thinking; they even created their own rules to success.

One thing I noticed about these LEGENDS is that their goal was never to change the WORLD……

What they did do is to be the light, the beacon that guided others and that’s what this blog is going to accomplish for you; to create a community that will inspire change. This blog is about making a difference.

So rather than complain and point fingers, there
is something all of us can do.

There are ways we can make an impact in this world; there are ways to change the world and this is what Be a Light in The World is all about.

Rather than complain and point fingers, there is something all of us can do.
Be A Light to the World will…….

    • Inspire you to transform your gifts into action that will inspire your World
    • Make you Reflect on your talents, gifts and what you love to do.
    • Reveal Inspiring Stories that will challenge you.
    • Inspire you to make changes in your life that will make the difference

Therefore I write on personal development and any topic that will drive you into making a difference and being an inspiration. (leadership, social media, creativity, team work etc)

Everyone of us have some moral responsibilities toward our country, society and the people we are living with. Very few people are born with or can develop the art of inspiring or motivating people. Let us try our best to use our words, blogs, network and creativity to bring smile in the faces of people. Short is this life…let us try to spend it for the betterment of the society. Tuhin Deshamukhya