Fear is a celebrity
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Fear is a celebrity and before you put up an argument or comment below which I would highly appreciate, here are the reasons why fear is regarded as a celebrity:

We are attracted to Fear

Mention one person in the world, who does not know fear and I will prove to you that you are liar; even a baby knows what fear is, without verbally communicating it clearly.

No one has been able to comprehend fully why we are attracted to fear; We have had a lot of medical theories and jargon which have been able to explain just a little, out of a complex subject but what we do know is that we are associated with fear.

Fear has Status

This follows the first point. Fear does have status. Why? because it has an audience and it’s gaining more attention everyday. Just take a look at the number of its personal aides or agents (Psychologist, Councillors, Self help Gurus..), its growing and increasing; it’s getting lots more of attention  and just think about the digital age and you can imagine its marketing potential.

 People Celebrate Fear

You might think this is awkward but it’s a fact that people do celebrate fear in different ways. It’s not really the Red Carpet entrance with paparazzi kind of celebration. No!!!

Below are examples of ways people celebrate fear without knowing it:

  • People celebrate Fear because it makes them conform to status quo.
  • They worship Fear because it makes them happy in their comfort zone. They are not ready to move forward or do something new so they share a connection with fear.
  • They love Fear because it’s character gives them the power to makes excuses.

 People hate Fear

As much as people celebrate fear, they also hate it. Even though people can’t understand why they are attracted to fear, they worry about its influence over their lives. They want to see its downfall.

 Don’t Worship Celebrity(Fear)

Don’t let fear control your life, rather take advantage of it and become a better you. 

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