be unique and be useful

As funny as this picture looks, it does pose an interesting question. Does being unique, make you useful?

The World is full of unique beings. Yes I am not talking about ideas or inventions; I am talking about every single human on the face of the earth. We are unique  in ways you can’t imagine. Unfortunately as unique as we are made to be, most people are unique to a fault.

Strange as it may seem, it is true. I see people who want to be unique by being someone else ( trying to copy a celebrity) or aiming for abnormal. This makes them ineffective because it does not reflect their true uniqueness.

As much as you need to stand out from the crowd, you should work towards being effective and useful. Here are tips that can help you be unique as well as useful:

Be Yourself

Have you ever tried to be some one else? Well I did and it was not pleasant. There is no one that can have your personalities, experiences and look. Congrats you are unique.

Don’t compare yourself with others; that’s a foolish approach to personal development you will never succeed in the long term. If you are finding it hard to be yourself, you must know that it’s not a quick process. Now would be the time to sit down and find  out who you are? 

 Don’t Be Abnormal

Now being abnormal is not challenging status quo or doing things differently. It’s making a painful impact. It’s transforming yourself to something you know is not comfortable and does not reflect YOU.

Besides, people are trying to be abnormal these days. Would it not be unique to be just YOU.

Have the Right Mindset 

First off, you should be confident, then;

  • Know your values
  • Find out your own emotions. Know what makes you tick and what irritates you.
  • What are your insecurities? Tackle them
  • face your fears.
  • Know why you want to be unique?
  • What does being unique mean to you?
  • Take Action

 In conclusion, here is a quote from Henry David Thoreau which you should think about. 

 be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be

Here is a question for all. What are the ineffective ways of being unique?



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