Thought_Leader_Have ever tried imagining how a thought looks like and where it comes from? If you can’t picture anything, you are not alone; I still have not been to able to get a clear picture of a thought but do you know that, a thought is so powerful that it can change the chemistry of your body system?

What we think about has an adverse affect on not just our attitude but our health. When we think of positive thoughts like our favorite meal or our love for our spouse, we have positive emotions which make our body healthy. The reverse is the case when we think of negative thoughts like an annoying event or bad day at work; negative emotions occur and can harm us if not controlled.

I never did take my thoughts that serious. I had learned that thoughts were Important when it came to personal development and financial literacy till I read a book written by Dr Caroline leaf which she titled “ Who switched off my brain”. She talks about how thoughts are formed and how the correlate with our body chemistry. A smile makes the body healthy while anger can deplete the cells of its resources and even cause cancer in the body.

According to her research, many diseases occurred as a result of negative thoughts. She makes a point that even though there has been advance in Western medicine, we still have cases of cancer, stoke and other diseases.

She teaches how to detox negative thoughts and it’s not rocket science but it takes patience. Her book is worth reading.

Our thoughts are powerful. The bible warns that we should guide our thoughts. Take an inventory of your thoughts today. Are you thinking positive or negative thoughts?

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