Keep The Faith, Find Your Fire and Set The World Alight

Is your flame of passion on the verge of being taken out? Are you struggling with making a difference and feel that your world is upside down?

What if you knew that there is something that is missing in your life and preventing you from making a difference?  

I am thrilled to have Rachel who is doing a guest post for me today as she rekindles your fire and inspires you to make a difference.

Rachel is a passionate blogger and the founder of Dig A Little Deeper. With a big heart and so much positive energy, she will lead you to do three things in your life; Reflect, Develop and Grow.

So I am happy to give the spot light to Rachel as she rekindles your passion. Over to you Rachel

Keep The Faith, Find Your Fire and Set The World Alight

The alarm clock awakens you with a start. You slam your hand on the buzzer to stop the whining sound but also out of frustration that it is Monday and another working week has arrived. 

You drag yourself out of your bed with no joy in your heart or mind. There are five days left of work and you dread it before it begins.

If I were to say to you right at this moment, keep the faith, find your fire and set the world alight, would you imagine throwing something at me; just to shut me up?

Signs that you are not following your true path.

  • Heavy sighing
  • Anger and irritation are quick to rise in you, yet there is no real explanation as to why.
  • There is no pleasure in returning to the work place day after day, however your responsibilities keep your attendance high.
  • Monday! it is is really a mental illness. You know this because you suffer from it each week.
  • Work is a mindless process lacking in any form of stimuli. You start work and can’t wait for the day to end. Could you be clocking happiness on and off whilst on the job?
  • Loving your life style only begins at the end of the week when you have days off.

Our environments can shape our thoughts and actions. We do a job because:-

  • There are bills to pay.
  • You have a family to maintain.
  • Your parents had an expectation of where you should be in life.
  •  Your folks did the job that you are now being paid to do.
  • Your parents stayed with the one company all of their working life. You were introduced to this work ethos while growing up. 
  • You are aware of where your passion lies, however it requires additional education so you automatically believe this exempts you from pursuing a skill set in this area.
  • You are doing what you do to please everyone else accept yourself.
  • One thing lead to another and here you are. Feeling stuck.

But regardless of why you are doing a job that leaves you flat and miserable, something inside of you does not feel right.

When you constantly feel a tug or restlessness within your body, it is a vibration that is attempting to steer you in another direction. It is time to start looking for what sets you on fire.

Answer the below questions.

1.   What makes me happy?

2.   What activity has you wondering where the time went?

3.   Are you prepared to feel miserable for the rest of your life? Not enjoying the time    you spend in the work place.

4.   You do you think your attitude will change whilst you continue doing what makes you miserable?

5.   Is it time to investigate the possibilities of working hard for a period of time in order to ignite the fire and show the world what you are made of?

Do you believe that everyone one has their own unique talent? You may question how that can be possible?

There are too many of us to have a special talent. What if I were to tell you that there can be thousands in the same field, yet you will be the only one with your spin on things? Sometimes this revelation can take a little getting used to.

We have a mighty obligation to ourselves and the rest of the world to find our fire. This will fulfill your life and give you many hours of joy.

2Faith sign

Keeping the faith, while juggling your regular job and working towards your fire, is by no means an easy task. This requires time management, discipline, rest and relaxation and still keeping up with everything else you were previously doing. If that does not scare you away then nothing will.

Locating what you do best, won’t guarantee success, it won’t make you rich in a couple of years and it won’t change your immediate circumstances.

However following your passion expands your thought processors and horizons. This generates positive energy which the universe rewards you for.

You will meet new people, make new connections with the possibility of creating future opportunities. Basically you have a better chance of changing your circumstances with this kind of motivation than with no action at all.

When we start to dread working on our fire, we are nothing more than tired or have hit a wall that requires additional stamina. One may wonder whether God is playing a wicked trick on us. But the journey you choose to endure is only testing whether you want it enough. So keep the faith.

I saw happiness and fulfilment in so many others and yet I felt empty. It was not from lack of trying to find what they had. I was nothing more than curious and eager to achieve this level of contentment in all areas of my life. I looked high and low for my fire. I did course after course. I moved from one job to another, thinking that a new job would bring out what I saw in others.

However every move bought more disappointment. I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for, but I knew I had to find something, or more than fifty percent of my life would be spent on waiting for my working day to end.

What an unpleasant way to live. I always had a strong feeling that I was on the wrong path. I never gave up searching although I was not sure of what I was searching for.

I had read time and time again, that if you love the work you do, you will never work a day in your life. I had one problem. I was not aware of what I loved to do.

I had started so many new projects; the get rich schemes and odd jobs. I regularly worked two menial jobs to save for an exciting adventure to come back refreshed but dissatisfied by returning to a work place that gave me little or no stimuli. And all I wanted was to start that fire, the one I had read so much about. I was keeping the faith.

I had been writing for many years. Very capable of telling wonderful stories and getting my point across. I had never considered myself anything other than an administration person and an expert in customer service as a waitress, in a call centre, retail, you name it; the jobs I have worked in are endless.

But I wanted my journey to set me on fire so I kept the faith.

Finding our true purpose in life allows us to do what we love and share our talents with the world. So really, you owe it to us to find it, master it, embrace it and share it with pride and confidence.

Working on my gift is difficult, it’s time consuming, it has my heart all tied up in it with commitment and dedication, and it draws strength in me that surprise’s myself, however it makes me breathless with fear. But in saying that. I found the hardest lesson was finding what I wanted to do.

I had a special skill, carried it around with me, while I busily went in search of my fire. I was looking externally and ignored my internal gift. I was practising with my fire unbeknownst to myself.

You could not have found a more motivated individual. For years I had been carrying my talent around and ignoring it. I did not even consider writing as a possible source of income, it is not that yet.

Working towards monetising your dreams and keeping your job is a tough commitment. But the alternative is to stay unsatisfied for years on end. When you locate your passion, you must take action. It may mean extra reading or furthering your education. You are not going to be a millionaire overnight, so slowly plot and plod your way to success.

Finding my passion was tougher than working the amount of hours that I am putting in each day, because they don’t seem like a sacrifice. They seem challenging.

So if I were to say; keep the faith, find your fire and set the world alight would you still want to throw something at me?

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