What The Mustard Seed Teaches You About Making A Difference

What The Mustard Seed Teaches You About Making A Difference

I do believe that you should think like the Mustard seed. There is so much that you can learn from this seed. In a time where unworthiness and self-insecurity seems to be the trend, we need to stand up to the pressure and go make a difference.

So how does knowing about the Mustard Seed help us to make a difference? Relax as you will soon find out

What is the Mustard Seed

So what is this Mustard Seed? For those who are not familiar with the Mustard seed; According to Wikipedia, “Mustard seeds are the small round seeds of various mustard plants. The seeds are usually about 1 or 2 mm in diameter. Mustard seeds may be colored from yellowish white to black. They are important herbs in many regional foods. The seeds can come from three different plants: black mustard (Brassica nigra), brown Indian mustard (B. juncea), and white mustard


The Mustard Seed is So Fragile


The Mustard seed is so small and fragile and if you held it in your hand, you can easily squash it. This makes it look so insignificant and it is easy to place limitations on it. Strangely, this seed reveals a certain pattern of behavior in our world.

There are people out there who feel just as little as this Mustard seed. They have looked at their outward appearance and don’t feel so good of themselves.

Now here is the thing, if have you have ever felt as little as the Mustard Seed or maybe you feel so insecure and very invulnerable with the mindset that your life means nothing.  If you have allowed others to pick on you and made you feel so small or you allowed your thought to believe that your existence is just useless. Then it means there is something you share in common with the Mustard seed.

However as small and fragile as the Mustard seed looks, it has a deceiving appearance, a great potential and it beats people’s wildest imagination. How?

The Mustard Seed Displays Its Great Potential and Beats Your Imagination

It is easy to place limitations on the Mustard Seed just because it seems fragile. Who would blame you; after all,  it looks so small and there is no way that such seed could do any thing spectacular but you are wrong.

Mustard Seed: Making a Difference


mustard seed 2


As you can see, here are pictures of the Mustard Seed Tree which comes from tiny fragile seed. Amazing isn’t it?

When placed under proper condition which is mostly in damp conditions near rivers and waterholes or less than 8 inches of rain, the Mustard Seed attains a height of no taller than 25ft with fleshy, 1 1/2- to 3-inch leaves. These seeds are also a rich source of oil and protein with its percentage of oil as high as 48%.

What The Mustard Seed Does Teach You About Making a Difference

1. Don’t Despise Your Form

There is a saying that you don’t judge a book by its cover. Such a wise saying; yet we see people base their potential on certain factors which is mostly physically. Remember, you are powerful beyond measure and physical form. It is not how you look that determines your achievements.

2. You Need To Cultivate Your Seed To Reach Your Potential

Although it is true that the Mustard seed can grow so tall but this can only happen unless it is cultivated in proper conditions. It is crazy to whine, blame certain situations, refuse to take certain steps and believe that your life will turn out so great.

You need to cultivate the skills and talents in you. You might have so much potential but if not cultivated, it just a redundant talent that will take you no where. 

Over To You

 So what do you think about the Mustard Seed? What does the Mustard seed teach you about making a difference. 




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