A man under the influence of alcohol sees the world differently from the rest of us. He sees possibilities that he never imagined which we cannot see. What an unusual ability to be able to see the world differently?

But wait a minute! Do you actually think I would want to promote being drunk? No way! Besides, all you get from alcohol is a bad headache and a very unfocused day.

Under The Influence Guide

However, there are some things that are good for us. I mean there are some influences that are great for us and I have seen men do great things under some strange influences.

Before you think of anything negative or plan to close this page, lets take a look at each of them. Here are some influences that you need to be under:


When you are under the influence of vision, you see the big picture. Many people will think you are crazy but you know best. You create your world before it becomes reality.

Under the Influence of Vision
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 If you are under the influence of passion, then you are full of energy and nothing makes you tired or weary. Most times, you get into the zone and are unaware of time. There is more energy than meets the eye

Under the Influence of Passion Quote


You never take “No” for an answer when you are under this influence. No difficulty or situation can make you shift ground.

Under the Influence of Perseverance Quote
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People think you are a fool or feel you are too slow but under the influence of patience, you know that success starts by taking small steps. You are aware of the wisdom that Peanuts do add up over time. 

Under the Influence of Patience Quote
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Under this influence, you don’t take note of failure because you are a man of purpose; a man with a very strong resolve which is why your major concern is to achieve your goal.

Under the Influence of Determination Quote
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This kind of influence is so interesting. people come around you rather than avoid you because they feel a sense of belonging. You are so teachable and are willing to always empty your cup to refill with knowledge. 

Humility Quote
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When you are under the influence of Courage, You look at fear eyeball to eyeball. You see circumstances and problems as an adventure. You overcome your fear even when the sign says that you should quit.

Under the Influence of Courage Quote
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If you are a man under the influence of integrity, then your track record will speak for you. Your “Yes” is YES and “No” is NO. 

Integrity Quote
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Do you want to reach the highest pick in learning and innovation, then try being under this influence. You will see things that others so easily miss.

Under the Influence of Curiosity
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Being under the influence of Talent will make you stand before great men. Your gift will speak to you.

Talent quote


If you don’t know what you want, then be weary under this influence or you will feel sorry for yourself. A double minded man is unstable in his ways

Focus quote


Now when you are under the influence of leverage, then you are on the shoulders of giants. You will learn from their experiences and develop your skills quickly. You avoid unnecessary mistakes and reinventing the wheel.


Under the influence of creativity, people think of you as awkward. Your perception of life is a problem to the Status Quo.

Creativity Quote
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If you don’t want to be stimulated, then stay clear of this kind of influence. It will always spur you to action



When you know what needs to be done and you do it even when you don’t what to, then you are under the influence of discipline. Now you are sometimes seen as very strict and not flexible but you are friend to commitment.

Discipline Quote
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We all need to be under this influence as this is a campaign against ignorance. This is a threat to mediocrity and an enemy of failure but a blessing to the world.

Empowerment Quote


If you value your professional and complex jargon, don’t be under this influence else people will take notice of your great communication skills rather than your profession and confusing words.

Clarity Quote
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Aha! Being under the influence of confidence is great why? Because this influence makes you complete and ready to take on challenges. Besides, you are the trump card in your office. (Think about this). 

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Do you want to understand and feel what people feel? Then you need to be under this influence.

You become so aware of Peoples’ pain, happiness, joy, sadness, worry, excitement, struggles and understanding. 


It’s Your Turn

Do you think that it is great to be under the influence of these things I listed? What other influence do you think that is missing that can make one do great things?

Please share in the comment section. Ah! lest I forget, you can check out the Slideshare of this post. Do spread the word to others. Have a wonderful week.

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