How Coca-Cola’s Friendly Twist Bottle Explains Perfectly That You Matter

Coca-Cola invented a special soda bottle cap with the goal of fostering relationship among college students especially fresh men.

You must know what it feels like on the first day of college. The silence, the tension, not to talk of the awkwardness. So it was just pure genius for Coca-Cola to cause an Ice-Breaker. No wonder it is loved by all students and its video ad has more than 9 million views.


The Friendly Twist you matter

How Coca-Cola Reveals Perfectly Why You Matter

Now the twist caps that can only be opened by another bottle shows the sharing message of Coca-Cola. Being able to bring people together in happiness and shift focus from itself to the Youth of today, will leave a lasting impression on the minds of people about its brand.

But Coca-Cola Friendly Twist message goes beyond the Students and Colleges. It isn’t just about selfies, tweets, friendship and exchange of messages. Coco-Cola reveals the dire need in humanity.

Here is One Person With a Tight Cap in His Life

There is a person out there who has a Cap of challenges. He feels awkward and lonely plus he has to bear with the silence every single day.

Now he has tried to let go of all his problems; all his frustrations; all his pains; but alas it is just so tight and hard to twist around and let free.

So he wonders ; waiting for the time when he will be able to uncap his baggage and drink from the bottle of happiness. When will he be fulfilled and end his period of silence?

You Are the Other Bottle That Twist His Cap Open

So here is where you come in.

With a friendly twist, you have unlocked his cap of challenges. With your little action, you have liberated him from his challenges, his suffering, his fears and his pain

You have empowered him to drink to his heart intent. You have created a moment for him in which his world is a now better place.

Oh! So you might not be the President.

My God! You might not be a Star

You might not feel like you are a coach or mentor

But you have made a difference. You have fostered a relationship that will forever make his life bliss.

So When You See A Coca-Cola

Enjoy the refreshing taste but do remember that you matter because there are people in your life that you inspire.

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4 thoughts on “How Coca-Cola’s Friendly Twist Bottle Explains Perfectly That You Matter”

  1. Hi Ikechi,

    Once again you have come up with something so wonderful. I am impressed with the creativity of the company’s designers.

    The bottles are yet not available in our city, I am excited to use them. 😛

    I loved the way you related the opening of bottles with the real life things. Sometimes all we really need is someone who we can trust blindly with everything. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Rohan.

    1. Hi Rohan

      Thank you for the kind words. I am humbled by your awesome comment.

      I am glad you were also inspired by this post. You are right and what a wonderful world we would have if we can learn to trust one another.

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Ikechi,

    That was lovely indeed 🙂

    I didn’t know about Coca Cola’s new cap with a twist – must check it out, or perhaps they haven’t started it all over as yet! But I liked the concept behind it, and surely the video says it all – a perfect way to break the ice, especially among youngsters and their first day at college.

    I loved the way you compared it all to our lives, and how we can uncap someone else’s baggage and allow them to drink from the bottle of happiness – even we matter and we all do make a difference.

    Thanks for linking to your guest post on our blog in the end – appreciate it, and yes, you matter too! Happy weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena

      Glad you liked the video ad. I too was unaware of the the friendly twist till I saw this video recently and found out that it was amazing.

      Yeah when you see this video, it reminds one of the what we can do in this world. Each and every one of us need each other and the video proves this so well.

      Thank you for the lovely comment. Have a swell weekend.

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