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Here is the Be an Inspiration Series, a space where I challenge you with real life stories of achievers and communities that are making a difference in the the world. Reading this series will make you realize that you are an inspiration. Please spread the message to others and light their candle.

 Have you ever heard of ABC. Who is ABC? Where does it come from? Is ABC a hype or the Next Big Thing. 

ahanow 1

Well meet the Aha Now Blogging Community; a space where the Ahaians reside and the next Big Thing in Social network; oh by the way I am a Ahaian too.

ABC was created by Harleena Singh; a pro-blogger who is very popular in the blogosphere along with Patriarch Vinay Kachhara who is a blogger himself and the chief editor of ABC.

So what’s so special about the Aha now blogging community and why Is it the Next Big Thing in Social Network

A Great Big Family

ABC is not just a community but a great big family. If you have never experienced what it means to be have a family in a community, i suggest you head over there and see for yourself. When I first joined the community, i felt the genuine friendship of everyone.  

One of the things that ABC got right is creating a sense of connection. Most Social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ though popular, have not been able to achieve this easily. It’s great to see a community whose foundation is built on deep connection. 

ABC: The Motivation Booster

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated or even feel special. In ABC, every member is valued and every ABC member makes sure that no one feels less of himself.

If you feel demotivated or maybe you need new ideas, come get a booster from ABC. You will definitely get help from members who are from diverse fields. There also groups like the Bloggers corner and Life Networks which always provide the inspiration that you need for the day.

No One is Left Out

Even though it seems that ABC is for bloggers, you will be surprised to know that it’s not entirely for bloggers. Readers are also invited. The ABC has topics such as self development, relationship, parenting, health and online posts that fancies your interest. In ABC, you will be able to learn and share with others in a meaningful way.

Giveaway Prizes/Blog Promotions

When you become an ABC member, you enjoy a lot of benefits. Bloggers get to share their posts and get sincere reviews as well as comments from the best bloggers and that’s not all; there are giveaway prizes for loyal members every month and the best part is there Mega Giveaway at the end of the year based on activities over time.

Now Don’t Just take my word for it, Go over to Aha now Blogging Community. You will thank me later.


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