What Lizzie Velasquez Teaches Us About Making A Difference

Lizzie Velasquez is a great personality. Born to Rita and Guadalupe Velasquez without an adipose tissue which will never make her gain weight, Lizzie has been in an uneven journey.

Despite her struggles with bullies, awful stares and not to mention being ridiculed, she is an inspiration to her community. Here is what she teaches us about making a difference.

Lizzie Velasquez via Facebook

How Do You Define Yourself

Lizzie has had to face being stared at and bullied because of her looks. She reveals that ” Every day is a struggle.  being judged by people because you look different has not been an easy thing“.

Lizzie’s situation is not new but is typical of the human race that is constantly being bugged by identity and self-esteem issues. People derive their worth from a lot of things, like trying to impress their peers to validate their worth.

When you try to build your confidence from people, you sure are on a rocky path; your immunity to depression and low self esteem will be under pressure and probably be destroyed.

So you can imagine how Lizzie felt when she discovered that she was going to look odd forever? How was the World going to see her? How was she going to remain positive despite her situation?

Lizzie decided that she was not going to let anyone define who she is. She decided not be limited by words. She understood that bullies were cowards who picked on others to hide their insecurities.

Don’t let anyone define you based on their limitations. What people think about you is an illusion because only you know who you are.

Your Weakness is an Asset

In high school, Lizzie discovered a YouTube video, where she was labelled the ugliest woman in the World, This video contained a lot of nasty comments from bullies. One guy had the nerve to request that Lizzie take her life and do the world a favour. This caused her pain to the extent that she had to read all the comments in YouTube. (The video had over 4 million hits)

Now, being labelled is like a double edge sword. Labels are fun when they make you popular and famous but they can also be devastating when they are used to ridicule you. It’s like swallowing a rotten egg. It was a bad experience for Lizzie but her reaction was remarkable.

Lizzie shocked the world by taking the pain and turning it to an opportunity. She became an author of two books and a motivational speaker. Rather than focus on the event, she discovered her purpose on earth. Now on YouTube, with a channel, she addresses the issue of true beauty

The truth is that you can overcome the limitation others put on you. If you are going through pain, do what Lizzie did, take that pain, settle it and turn it into an opportunity.

Anything is Possible

Lizzie’s syndrome which she calls “Skinny Bones” is so rare that only two people are known to suffer from the same condition. Apart from the inability to gain weight, she has a limited vision in one eye. Her condition is one big mystery; she has to eat every 15 minutes as her body can’t store fat and build muscles.

Is there a correlation between productivity and a healthy body? I don’t know for sure but I do know that having to go on without one or more organs can make life difficult.

Lizzie Velasquez via Facebook

So it’s amazing that Lizzie is able to light her World. Doctors had told her parents, early in her life that she was fragile and would not be able to move or think but she has had over 200 workshops around the globe and is still pumping with high energy.

So like Nick Vujucic, Lizzie’s message to you is that anything is possible. You can achieve what you want to achieve only if you have a resolve.

What is True Beauty?

One of greatest insight of beauty is that it starts with the Brain. There is no objective standard of beauty as it all about impression.

Lizzie has been able to prove that beauty is in the brain of the beholder. She has been able to create an aura of charm around herself.

Lizzie Velasquez via Facebook
Lizzie Velasquez via Facebook

If you are fidgeting about your appearance or you feel that you don’t look good or beautiful then you need to think about your perception of beauty. One thing for sure is that they way you think of yourself, is going to portray itself to all.

What’s your opinion about True Beauty? Please do share your opinion and don’t forget to spread this post to friends, families and loved ones.

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