Nobody likes to be the Loser and not certainly You

The thought of people seeing you as a failure and using You as a comparison to their acknowledgment is sickening.

However, no matter how hard you try, you can’t just get rid of being the Loser. It seems like no matter what you do, you attract bad luck to yourself.

What seems easy for others, looks more like horror to you. You have become frustrated with your positive thinking because it has gone crazy

No matter all the personal development techniques you have done, you seem not to grasp success.

As a result, you have come to accept the life of the loser. Why bother when there is nothing more you can do.  

But what if you knew that being the loser is the gateway to success. What if you knew that you can be an influence even though you are tagged the loser.

Are you in doubt? Here is how being the loser makes you an influence:

How Being the LOSER makes You an Influence

You Get to Write Your Own Culture

Did you know that people are tagged the losers based on norms and culture?

Take, for instance, there was a time when success was based on the following:

  • When you attended the University and obtained a degree
  • When you could speak so many languages
  • When you could hunt animals in the wild
  • When your career was a Soldier fighting war

Culture has always tagged success in so many forms. So where does this leave you?

Bizarre as it seems, Culture has in a way influenced the measure of success. It has somehow influenced people’s thoughts about who is an influence and who is not.

But here is the thing, what shapes Culture and Norms is simply You.

You shape Culture in ways that you never imagined. No culture or norm has ever existed on its own and that is because you make the difference.

Though it seems that Society might have created a standard for who is termed successful and who is the loser, you get to write your own story and create your own Culture beyond such limitations.

You are the criteria for how Culture turns out. You shape what is “losing” and what is “winning”.

So get on with your life and write you own story; write your winning culture


You Get to Use Losing as a Stepping Stone to Make a Difference

Do you know that your sense of losing is all wrong?

Everything that you have come to accept as the concept of losing is plain wrong. The reason is that all winners were at one time losers.

How is this possible and what do I mean by winners being losers?

Have you ever believed that winning and losing is a destination? If you have ever thought so, you are not alone.

It is no wonder when you are faced with a little failure, you have no choice but to give in to depression.

Yet, wining and losing is not a destination but a journey. It is not how many times that you fail that matters but it is the process and the mental foundation built that makes the difference

 It is your perception of losing that has made you feel that you have got nothing to offer.

Time to put your mindset in the right direction and make a difference.

Now you have the opportunity to put losing in the right perspective. You get to see your challenges and circumstances in a different angel.

You get to use losing as an opportunity to get better as your sense of losing become data points to Suceed Click To Tweet

No matter the situation! No matter the challenges, you can make a difference while being the loser.

As long as you keep learning from your mistakes, your success becomes shortened with time and You gather enough information to keep getting better. 

“Develop Success From Failures. Discouragement and Failures are two of the Surest Stepping stones to Success”. Dale Carnegie


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You Get to be a Source of Liberation

Let’s face it! Your deepest fear isn’t that you are inadequate; your deepest fear isn’t that you are the loser and have nothing to offer. What you can come to terms is that you are powerful beyond measure.

You keep comparing yourself with others and making your endowed ability look small.

You keep holding on to your self imposed standards and seeking the validation of your uniqueness from others

Isn’t it Strange that you seek the validation of others to show that your Story makes an impact?

There are those who you inspire and whose lives would not be complete without your existence. These people become liberated just by your existence.

By overcoming your challenges, you give others the power to build up courage, to overcome their limitations, to live their dreams and be a difference.

By making a difference, you give light to the Dark Candles. When you provide value, you give others a purpose bigger than what they never imagined.

Face it!  What You can come to terms is that You are Powerful Beyond Measure Click To Tweet

Over to You 

What do you think? Do you think that the loser can make an influence?. Share your thoughts on this issue

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