How The Fear of Failure Can Keep You Out of Trouble

It is a bad taste in the mouth. It’s like a dangerous disease that starts without warning and makes you very sick. It is like a venom that spreads rapidly all over your body, making you limb and then numb. It’s the Fear of Failure.

Yet, do you know that the Fear of Failure can keep you out of Trouble?

Do you know that even though you don’t like to fail and certainly don’t want to be associated with failure, the Fear of Failure is still the best remedy to stay out of TROUBLE?

What do I mean? You will find out soon enough.

How The Fear of Failure Can Keep You Out of Trouble

How The Fear of Failure Can Keep You Out Of TROUBLE

1. You are Kept Safe

Being afraid to fail does keep you safe. Some people certainly don’t want to get into TROUBLE.

The reason is that it is safer to be in your comfort zone than to tread in a path that is risky and full of uncertainties.

You don’t want to embark on a journey that you are not 100% sure of Success. So the fear of failure does its job by making sure that you are safe.

2. You Don’t Lose Anything

When you stay out of TROUBLE, you don’t have to lose anything. As I said before, there is a lot of risks involved while treading on the path of TROUBLE and you can lose everything if things go sour.

This is why the Fear of Failure makes sure that you don’t lose so much or even at all.

By the way, why do you want to lose everything? Are you so passionate, full of energy and adventure; that you are willing to lose everything by looking for TROUBLE?

Well that’s is something to think about so that you can probably embrace the fear of failure

3. You Don’t Get Hurt

What happens when you decide to get into TROUBLE? The answer is obvious; you might get hurt.

There are a lot of risks involved when getting into TROUBLE and one of it is that, you might get so seriously hurt.

This is where the Fear of Failure comes in; venturing into TROUBLE is not for the fear-hearted. If you are not ready for adventure or ready to make mistakes, then getting into TROUBLE is a No-Go-Area for you. It is better to stay out of failure than to get hurt by getting into TROUBLE.

4.  No Stress No Anxiety

One of the great things about the Fear of Failure is that you don’t have to suffer pain or anxiety getting into TROUBLE.

As long as you don’t cross the path of TROUBLE, there is no stress or anxiety but if you decide to step on the toes of TROUBLE, then be prepared for doses of Stress and Anxiety.

Why would you want to go through such ordeal?

5. You are on the Winning Side of the World, Only 1 Percent of People Get Into TROUBLE

Now how many people are fans of getting into TROUBLE? My guess is as good as yours.

Why would anyone want to get into TROUBLE? After all, you are on the minority and the majority always wins.

However, do you know that there are those who disregard failure and get Into TROUBLE?

They are Trouble-Makers and research shows that about one percent of people in our World love to make TROUBLE.

Over to You

Do you love to stay out of TROUBLE? Talented, Resourceful, Open-Minded, Unique, Blessed, Loving, Empowered Personality

Are you willing to embrace the fear of failing so that you can stay out of TROUBLE? Please share your opinion?

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