What Step Up Revolution Teaches Us About Making A Difference

What Step Up Revolution Teaches Us About Making A Difference

What Step Up Revolution Teaches Us About Making A DifferenceI have been watching the Step Up movie series for some time now. Among the movie series, one that has inspired me so much is no other than Step Up Revolution. Its not about the dancing or music; check out other series and you will see that the music and choreography is nice as well.

What makes Step Up Revolution stand out for me is that I can pick one or two lessons from this movie. So what are these lessons? You will soon find out.  

If you have not watched the movie, I encourage you to do so. The movie describes a group called The Mob whose mission is to make an impact to the world through dancing.

It will take forever to narrate the movie so let me get to the chase and here are the four lessons I learned from Step Up Revolution.

Challenge Status Quo

I am a fan of questioning standards in a good way and that’s what makes me love the movie. The Mob believed in breaking the rules though how they implemented it was controversial to some people. I am not an advocate for breaking the law and I am in no way supporting it. However, I am saying that we should learn to embrace change and this cannot happen unless we start asking the why questions.

 Get Your Vision Right

There is a saying that the beginning of your journey to success, starts with a Vision. This is exemplified by the Mob who created a great vision out of their passion and talent; not so many people can do this easily. However, we see the power of vision in this story and how it took the Mob to great heights

 Power of a Team  

Though vision is an important ingredient to success, a good team is necessary too. The Mob had an arsenal of talented members from the Dj Penelope , Artist Mercury , camera man to the stunt guys. These guys were excellent in their skills; just imagine being able to paint in less than 5 min or carve a sculpture quickly from glass. It’s no wonder they were able to do amazing things together. You need a great team to achieve great things.

 Innovation is Key

So they had a great vision, great team and entered a video contest and got 10 million views on YouTube.  How did they do it? Innovation.

 They danced in unlikely places such as in a restaurant, on cars and the museum but that was not all; they showed the whole world that they can use dance to do a safe protest.

Do you want to make an impact, learn to innovate.

 Significant Changes Do Matter

What the Mob learnt in the end is that its not easy to change the world but you can make a significant change which was saving their neighborhood from extinction.

 Over To You

If you have watched the movie, What did you learn from Step Up Revolution? If you haven’t watched it, I suggest you go the watch the full movie of Step Up Revolution.

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6 thoughts on “What Step Up Revolution Teaches Us About Making A Difference”

  1. Hi Ikechi,

    I must confess, you are a genius; your style of writing and layout they both challenged me. i don’t know anything about the movie you watched but i so much believe in the power of team-work. Imagine the enormous task that the bunch of broom can do, then imagine what one stick could have achieved remaining a single individual.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Emebu

      I am thrilled to hear such kind words. I am really humbled.

      Yes Step-Up Revolution is a great movie and I do hope you have the time to watch as you will most certainly enjoy it. I love your word of wisdom and you are most certainly right. Thank you for commenting. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Ikechi you are right .I am also against the status quo.You have creative approach toward the real essence of thing happening around us .

    Surely innovation is the key to success and it makes the different .:)

    1. Hi Zain

      You are welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      I appreciate the kind words and I am glad you against the Status quo too. Thanks for sharing and hope to more of you

  3. Rahul Krishnan

    Hi Ikechi,
    I love your idea.
    Thank you so much for coming with this awesome post. I read in a hurry. Will read and comment soon.

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