A mouse was put at the top of the Jar filled with grains. He was happy to find so much food around him that he decided not to search for food again. After all, he could lead a happy life with all the food all around.

As days went by, the mouse enjoyed the grains till he reached the bottom of the Jar and could no longer come out of it. The mouse was stuck as he solely depended upon someone to put grains for him to survive. Now he may not get the grain of choice as he has to live with whatever has been put in the Jar.

Your Comfort zone if not adequately managed can lead to Long Term Traps. Be careful as not everything that glitter is gold.

Short Term Pleasures Can Lead to Long Term Traps

In a world where instant gratification seems to be the trend, it is not surprising that people give in to short term pleasure rather than the boring and slow process. If there is one thing that is a fact, it’s that Evolution has come up with the phenomenon of feeling pleasure as a token of appreciation for the effort, making it a huge motivating factor.

However, you need to need to be careful so that your comfort zone does not end up ruining your life.

Avoid Getting Trapped in Survival Mode

Your Comfort zone can lead you to success. Yes i said it!! You can read to find out what I mean.

I shared that when you operate from your unique comfort zone, you can produce great results and be filled with so much confidence and happiness.

Yet there is a drawback in being comfortable in your zone, when things are coming easy and you are getting comfortable, you are slowly getting trapped into survival mode.

You need to challenge yourself all the time. What is constant in life is change and things never remain the same.

Trends come and go; Business models that thrived can become obsolete; Live is not cast in stone. Nothing ever stays the same so there is no wisdom in staying stagnant.

You Have Lost it When You Fail to Take Advantage of Your Potential

The saddest way to enjoy your comfort zone is by playing the role of a Victim. Sure, you are not responsible for the life of poverty that is before you. You are right that you did not ask for your present predicament.

Yet you are wrong when you believe that you have nothing to offer and your life is in the hands of others. You have got what it takes to make difference so choose your comfort zone wisely.

Choose the Right Action at The Right Time

There is time for everything. Don’t put yourself in a position where you get stuck in the rat race.

Take the right decision at the right time no matter the situation. Remember that building the right foundation will take you so far than trying to take shortcuts.

Don’t be so comfortable in your zone that you finish what you have and can’t move forward in life.

Always be ahead of the situation.

Make a difference and have a great week.

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