8 Reasons Why It is Ok to make Mistakes

It’s hard to accept mistakes or take responsibility for your actions. In a world that does reward excellence, it’s easy to blame others and shift the focus from ourselves. The danger in the latter is that you become angry, resentful, and lack focus on what matters.

In this post, I am here to let you know that it’s ok to make mistakes. Why? Here are 8 reasons:

8 reasons it is ok to make mistakes

Mistakes Make You Human

You might have been tutored in school that making mistakes is terrible or you have had your fair share of terrible feelings that come from realizing wrongness.

You have protected yourself being wrong but that has only made your situation worse. Mistakes happen; everyone makes one so there is no need to beat yourself over your past failures

We all make mistakes

What matters is not the number of times you fail but how you respond to your mistakes. It’s your perspective in the aftermath that makes the difference.

Always remember that you’re human and falling down is a natural part of growth.

Mistakes Help You Grow

Mistakes give you an ability to step away from every situation and see it from a different angle. It’s a great way to learn. You get to know what does not work and move on.

Mistakes can also mean a time for reflection. This reflection can be on how it makes you feel and what you could do differently or what you have learned.

If you discredit your human error as fragility, you’ll never have the strength to forgive yourself and move on

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Mistakes Make You Responsible

Mistakes force you to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your situation. Responsibility means accountability and you can’t be accountable unless there is a possibility of a flaw.

When you reflect on your mistakes, it enables you to do better.

Mistakes Build Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important skills to develop for success in the workplace and in life. One of the best ways your EQ Muscles can be stretched is through mistakes.

With mistakes, you don’t just build your own emotional strengths but learn to understand the perspectives of the people around you and the environment you’re in and how it affects others as well

Mistakes Leads You To Success

When your mistakes become a data point, you can make your success rate become shortened with time.

To achieve this goal requires that you need to have the right mindset when it comes to mistakes because your perception of your failure will determine how much tolerance you can endure.

You need to see your mistakes as an information to get better at your craft. As you keep making mistakes and learning, you are building a solid foundation to success

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Mistakes Give You Confidence

When you understand the secrets of mistakes, you will never be afraid to make a difference. You come to understand that you will never be without flaws and that’s ok because it gives room to become a stronger version of yourself.

It’s the confidence built by being able to take risks, and keep your head cool that makes mistakes worth the experience.

Mistakes Enable You To Tell Your Story

When you make a mistake and learn from it, you can empower others to avoid such mistakes through your story.

You can share your experience with others and help them to grow. You become the giant on whose shoulders other people will stand.

Mistakes Gives You a Sense of Humility

Mistakes remind you that you do not deserve or are entitled to everything that comes your way. You gain a sense of humility through understanding that you may not excel or be the best at everything.

The World is looking for Problem Solvers

When you know what does not work, you are an asset. You become a problem solver and the world needs your experience.

Over to You

 If you have more reasons as to why it’s ok to make, you can comment below.

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