Leading You Out Of The Darkness into the Light By Maxwell Ivey

You have spent your last year searching frantically for the light. Trying to find guidance. Trying to find your path. You have been searching, searching, searching…….

It might be difficult to locate the light when you are going through misery, heart break, depression and doubt. You feel it is impossible to search the light. Maybe you are right, it is impossible

Still you are searching for the light. If there is any glimpse of light; If there such a thing as a light- Just a little, you might be willing to grasp it; you will definitely follow that path.

Well the good news is that there is a light and I am proud to introduce you to him. Maxwell Ivey Jr is the light-Why? The reason is because he was once in darkness but he overcame and became a light and now he is unconsciously leading others to the light.

Max ivey

I have known Max for a while and the first thing that amazed me was that he was a Blind blogger. Yet he has achieved so much in the world of blogging and business which is why his book is just a dose of inspiration. “Leading You Of The Darkness Into The Light”

Why You Need To Be Led Out of The Darkness and Into The Light

Now I am going to give you reasons why you need to be led into the light but first let me tell you that reading his book has been a wonderful experience.

First the book contains 40 pages with 11 chapters that is so easy to read. Then there is the exercises that are outlined in each chapter which are thought provoking.

The fact that he reveals every technique that he used to become successful is so awesome. I urge you to go get his ebook but if you are still in doubt. Here are reasons why you need to be led out of the darkness and into the light.

1. Overlook the Excuses and Overcome The Obstacles

There is something that you need to achieve this year. You are tired of being where you are and need to take a step. The problem is that you don’t know where to start- You need a little help. Max helps you achieve this goal. He shows you how to create opportunities and success through challenges

2. You Don’t know Everything

This follows the first point. “Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.” Bruce Lee

There are books out there that gives you tips and tricks on being successful. However you will agree that we still don’t know everything. There are still some easy and practical ways to be successful that are yet to be utilized.

Max believes that everyone needs help even though we shy away from it because we think it is being weak. He reveals that when we seek for help, we give one an opportunity. If we don’t seek help, WE DEPRIVE ONE OF SUCH OPPORTUNITY.

Read the book to find out more…..

3. Is Your Motivation Fluctuating

People don’t have problem when starting new projects or goals. The problem is staying motivated to your goal or project. You might have made resolutions this year but you are asking yourself “How can I stay motivated? Max shares a very interesting and simple technique to stay motivated and keep going on.

4. Max Ivey is An Inspiration

If you have followed this blog, you know that I believe that every man can influence his generation.

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Max really is an inspiration to his generation. At an early age he was diagonised of an eye disease that made him blind and by the age of 13, he had lost his eyesight.

As if that was not enough, he lost his father early to a lung disease which affected their carnival business and he had join his uncle to avoid bankruptcy. Max was also struggling with health issues such as high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, sleep apnea etc.

Despite his condition, Max was able to overcome the mess in his life. He worked hard to become healthy and stay fit. He left his uncle’s business and started his own.  He has two business and is a blogger who blogs at the blindblogger.net.

But that’s not all, he has been invited to  have talk shows. appearances, Guest posts and he is making a difference all over the blogosphere. You can his page As Seen Online page.

READ HIS STORY: Leading You Out of The Darkness. A Story of One Blind Blogger

Now If a Blind Guy can have a business and a blog, then he is definitely someone you need to know. So you go purchase his book from Selz or from Amazon. If you want a print copy, you can order one from CreateSpace.

So don’t wait any longer, go get his book and be inspired. 

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