Pieces of Lies that make your dream a joke

Pieces of Lies that make your dream a joke

Have you been in a situation where you have heard certain things about your dreams that made it to look like a joke?

You have gotten these awful ideas from family, friend and loved ones about your dream which has made you consider whether your dream was worth it in the first place.

It isn’t their fault. No one can see the big picture; no one understands what your dreams, passion and life goals mean to you. You are just being protected from failure but they don’t understand the reward based on the risk of pursuing your dreams.

Here are 19 tips (lies) that people will tell you to make your dream feel like a joke:

1Someday you can pursue your dreams, but right now you need to get serious and be responsible.

When will that day be? When is the perfect time to pursue your dreams?  Remember that you will pass on one day? If you are not sure of the day will you will die then how can you be sure of when it would be the right time to pursue your dreams.

Don’t be deceived, the time to pursue your dreams is now

Take Your Moment Now

2. You will lose everything if it doesn’t work out

The worst thing that can happen is that things don’t work out and it seems that you have lost everything but that is, if you did not learn anything and you are still doing the same thing or you have decided to throw in the towel.  

3. This is impossible!

You think it is impossible because common knowledge says it is impossible. Just because it has not been done, does not mean that you can’t achieve it. 

Anything is possible. Just check this out 

Anything is Possible

4. What If You Fail? Failing is dangerous.

You have a bad rap about failure. Who blames you? Our Society does not like failure. You have been groomed from a young age to avoid mistakes and you have even been penalized for making mistakes. You have grown with a life program to run away from errors at all cost.

However, the quickest way to succeed is to learn from your mistakes. So It is Ok to make mistakes.

8 Reasons Why It is Ok to make Mistakes

5. You are told that It is way safer to stay at your day job

Is your day Job really safe? The only job that is safe is the one that you create yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should just quit your job immediately to pursue your dreams but a safe job does not mean that it is better.

6. You need to be “Lucky” to make It

Those who made it out of luck created their luck with determination, success consciousness, positive mindset and drive that did not take note of failure.

You are the writer and can design your success story.

7. This is a lot of hard work. Do you think that you are up to it?

There is nothing that ever came so easy. That is why you need to love what you are doing. Your dreams are going to need you to get dirty. Your goals are going to need your time, skills and most especially, your patience to grow. So roll your sleeves and get to work.


8. You are not an expert. You are lacking skills

If you think that being an expert means that you must possess all the paper qualifications, guess again. If trying to be an expert has prevented you from pursuing your dreams, then you need to reconsider. There are many entrepreneurs who are living the dream that didn’t initially have the required qualification. (Just check out Bill Gates or Richard Branson) .

To be an expert, you just need have more knowledge about an area or field than your customer; You don’t even have to be No 1.

There is a chance that you know a lot more about this topic than anyone else. You definitely are an expert. So don’t waste time. Don’t forget to keep Learning….

9. You lack the right resources

You don’t need the right resources to begin the journey. You need to think out of the box to be able to use the resources available to you. If having the right resources were so important, then people with weaknesses would not be able to achieve their dreams. 

10. You don’t have any money to take the first step.

Who says you need to save more money before you can take the first step. Is the “I can’t afford it” mentality hampering your dream. 

What you need is a plan. You need to sit down and draft a budget. You need to look at the cost of achieving your dream and you need to take little steps. The important question should be “What steps do I need to take right now, with the resources and money I have right now, that will bring me closer to my goal?”

The phrase “It takes money to make money,” drives me crazy. If you have a good idea or a great deal, and a team behind you, money will find you. Robert Kiyosaki


11. You don’t need any help. You are better on your own. It is a smart thing to do.

No man is an island. The people you hang out with will affect you positively or negatively. If you want to be capable and be powerful in achieving your goal, you need to associate yourself with the right people.

 12. You are so young/too old

If your dream is to be employed, then you are going to face discrimination based on age but if you don’t want to be employed by anyone, your age is then irrelevant. There is no age requirement to pursue your dream.

The only thing about age is that you don’t know how much time you have before your existence is gone which is why you should not waste time. 

13. It’s tough in this Current Economy

Maybe it could be true – if you sit down and enjoy the media as they feel you with so much fear about the economy and global financial crisis.

Do yourself  a favor and stop consuming these lies; in fact if possible, forget about the media. History shows that the rich have always created their own economy and not the other way round. 

14. No one is going to listen to you. People will not support you

People will not support you if they don’t believe in you or they don’t understand your dreams but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your goals.

There are many people who did not get a pat on the back about their dreams. Some were considered crazy for awkward dreams but they achieved their dreams nevertheless. You just have to learn to woo people about your dreams.

Remember, You don’t have to hide or suppress your dreams to make people happy. 

15. You don’t have the time. You are too busy

There are 24 hours in a day. You do have time unless your time is focused on things that are not important. You are running out of time because you are prioritizing on the things that will not get you to your desired goal.

Stop wasting precious time on things that are goal killers like uninspiring TV Programs and non-empowering activities.

16. You don’t Like People

There are certain kind of people that you might not truly like.  This is ok; just realize that you need people to achieve your dreams. If you can focus on a dream that such people would not be involved then fine do it. On the other hand, if you can’t avoid such kind of people, then you have to find a way to deal with it.

There are ways to handle people. There are such resources to show you the way.

17. There is too much Competition

Is having too much competition bothering you so much that you are afraid to make your dreams a reality?

Well! The best business are those that thrive on serious competition. The reason is that you can make your dream or vision stand out.

There is always someone that is better. However you just have to go pursue your dreams.  You might be overestimating your competition and making yourself small when you are way ahead of the competition with your out-of-the-box ideas.

compare yourself

18. It is Just Too Risky

Life is about taking risk. Even the things you think that are safe come with its own risk. There is nothing too risky as long as you are prepared. The worst risk is not pursuing your dreams

Don’t be afraid. Sure your dreams might be risky but the reward is greater than the risk.

Mistakes are ok

19. You don’t Know What you are doing. 

Every success story began with a quest that was filled with uncertainty. Fear is a normal thing and does act as a check. These checks and balances are needed to make sure that we don’t get to a point where we think we know it all.

For before a fall comes pride. So it is ok to have an empty cup as long as you don’t leave it empty for too long.

Your Turn

What lies have you been told that made your dream seem as a joke? Please share in the comment section.

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