To acheive greatnesss, be a child


Children are such a wonder. If you are around them, you will be fascinated by some of their activities. Children are very fearless. They take on challenges head on; no worries, no limits, no system, no process, no structure, just an action which sometimes might be wild and crazy.

 I saw a child while playing, hit his head on the teeth of his playmate which caused his head  to bleed. After treatment, this kid went on playing with a scar. Yet some adults after undergoing failure, will be scared to move forward. They carry their failure in their heart and brain.

 I met three kid brothers at a camp.  The younger ones were crying which got my attention. So I spoke with the eldest but to my surprise he indicated that there was no problem. No problem and your brothers are crying; I was not satisfied and probed further. I discovered that their parents had left them in the camp. They got home eventually but I was impressed with the composure of the 11 year old kid. In contrast, how many times have we heard in the news of adults who lost everything and committed suicide when the world has not come to an end.

 We need the attitude of a child to be able to succeed. As we grow into adults, we are processed in such a way that we let our childish adventure and creativity go to sleep. Our creativity has to be rekindled. Our world needs this ability to be able to grow maturely. We need to be achievers and this can only happen if only we can be bold and courageous.

Be a Child. Be an Achiever.

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