Mother's Day May 10 2015

Hurray! Happy Mothers!!!!!! I wish all mothers wonderful blessings, Joy and Happiness. The World will never be the same without our Mothers.

Now to mark this celebration, is a guest post written by a wonderful friend Daniel who I met recently through blogging. Here he goes with this inspiring post for mothers. 

We have all had them, a first love that changes the outlook we have on life, that so shapes our character that we have no way of returning to the person that we were before they came along. For some, this happens in grade school, for others it occurs in university, while others still are blessed to find them when they join the workforce.

There is an even more special segment of people that find their first love when they are very young and this relationship lasts throughout their lives. Join me as I relate to you my first love!

I do not know how long she searched for me; it may have been days, months, or years but from the very first day she laid eyes on me, I had her unconditional love. It has been a long time since my earliest memories of her smiling face; we have fought, made up, and fought again but I do not see it as anything bad because you must disagree with your loved ones, otherwise I’m not sure you really love each other.

The road has been, to say the least, arduous. There were times when I was so lost and my actions so misguided that everyone abandoned me but she stayed by my side, always pulling me back from the brink of destruction and despair.

My staunchest supporter and my most scathing critic, I look back and I am happy because without the juxtaposition of these two qualities, I would never have become the man I am today.

Years ago, when I was still young, she was also young and had the energy to keep up with me as I ran around the world exploring and trying to discover myself and my purpose. At times I would think that she was against my progress but now I understand that she only had my best interests at heart, born from her years of experience in this harsh world. A world tried to bend her indomitable will and failed; a failure that I am grateful for until this day.

As the years pummeled us with their relentless assault, my strength grew but I found the youthful splendor that first graced her face being slowly transformed into a mature beauty all the while robbing her of her precious strength. She can no longer keep up with my mad dashes across the world as I pursue larger and more complex endeavors but she is still with me.

She roots for me from the sidelines as I move from achievement to achievement and will always be in my corner whether I am losing or winning. My very mannerisms and thoughts mirror her own; things that I had no choice but to imbibe while I was constantly in her presence for all those years.

The roles that we once assumed are now being slowly reversed, I am no longer the protected but the protector, no longer the advisee but the advisor, and no longer the follower but the leader. I have assumed the responsibilities of my first love with gratitude because it is only to one you trust that you can bequeath so much.

Now, as I look back at my life with the perfect vision of hindsight, I realize that I could not have requested a better first love. She sacrificed everything she had for my siblings and I to become the best us possible. She extended a guiding hand while still giving us the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. It is not everyone that is blessed with a first love as profound as mine.

I say thank you to my first love, my Mother. She is the epitome of the beauty that encompasses a woman, the beauty of a wife, and the beauty of a mother. Cherish your mothers because no matter what may transpire between you two, she is the only one that you have and you are a crown upon her head.

She carried and protected you for nine months and only God knows how long she laid on the hospital bed and endured labor pains to bring you into this world. On this day, Mothers day, do something special for her to let her know that you really do appreciate her for all that she has done in your life. If your mother is no longer with us then do something special for the women in your life that are mothers. They ALL deserve it.


Daniel Ndukwu is an entrepreneur, pharmacist, online marketer and personal development addict. When he is not out saving the world he works to develop the strengths of himself and those around him. You can join him on his journey at and work to unlock your true potential.

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