The Dishonest Manager (1)

There was a rich man who was informed that his Manager was wasting his possessions. So he called him in and asked ” What is this that I hear about you? Now I want you to give me an account of your management because your services are no longer needed.”

Now the Manager was sad and so frightened. He was about to lose his Job and he had neither savings nor assets to fall back upon. He had no other skills to look for any job and what is worst is that he couldn’t beg anyone for a job.

What on earth was he going to do?

After thinking for a while, The Manager got a brilliant idea.

Now his boss had a record of debtors and he was in charge of making sure the debtors paid their loans promptly. What if he approached these debtors and gave them an offer that they would not refuse. These debtors would certainly accept him in their house and maybe give him a job when he lost his present job.

So The Manager called these debtors and made them to alter their bills.

So One debtor who was owning  a sum of 6,000 was made to alter his bill to  4,500 and another who owned a sum of a 1,000,000, the Manager made sure that his bill became 800,000.

What do you think happened when the Manager’s boss got to find out about the Manager’s transaction with the debtors. The Manager was praised and recognized for his shrewdness and great wisdom.

What!!!! Why on earth would the Boss praise such a Dishonest Manager instead of putting him in bars?

Now What does this story teach you about making a difference?

What You Should Learn From This Story

1. Learn To Communicate Effectively

Just because you are talking, does it mean you are communicating?

Now it is obvious that there was a communication problem between the The Manager and his Boss. This is why it was easy for the Boss to doubt the competence of the Manager without proof.The Manager was not communicating effectively with his Boss. He was not accountable in the Workplace.

When there is no effective communication,  trust becomes an issue and even your good deeds can become misunderstood. Communication is a skill that can be learned.

So learn to communicate effectively.

2. Relationship Matters A Lot

There are people who feel that they don’t need anyone in their life to be successful. Some even feel that relationships don’t matter till things get rosy. If you have this mindset then you need to have a rethink.

The Manager never believed in relationship till he had lost his job. Just imagine not having anyone to come to your aid when you are in a mess; such was the situation of the Manager. He learned the hard way. Don’t let this be your experience.

3. Never Be Pressured Into Doing the Wrong Thing Just to Make a Difference

Two wrongs don’t actually make a right. The Manager could have thought of a better alternative to make a difference in the lives of the debtors. 

So why did the Boss praise the Manager instead of putting him in Bars?

The Manager’s boss had an aha moment! He realized the power of relationship.

Though the Manager engaged in a dishonest business transaction which was punishable by law. However, the manager showed him how relationship could have a profound impact in business.

If he the Boss, had built a relationship with his debtors, he would have known their struggles, their pains, their losses and gains in their business. He would have been aware of what they go through in their homes and how it affects their business.

This would have enabled him to deal with customers not  just based on business alone, but he would have made a difference by giving better loans to his customers which would have been a win-win situation. This would have opened more opportunities for his business. 

The Boss discovered, that by forging a relationship with his customers, The Manager was able to build a long lasting relationship beyond the business walls. This opened up opportunities for the the Manager.

This is what surprised and impressed the Boss so much that he praised the Manager rather than punish him

Over To You

What do you think about the story? Do you believe that the Manager deserved to be praised or punished? What would you have done if you were in the Manager’s shoes? How do you think the Manager made a difference

Please share your opinion in the comment section.

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