mustard  seed

My friends and I had an argument about luke 17:6. Even though we had different opinions about the scripture, we all agreed on one thing that the mustard seed was very significant to Jesus

If you have held a mustard seed, you will immediately notice that it’s small and very fragile. You can misplace it or damage this seed but plant it  on the soil and you will see a wonder.

mustard-tree full grown

Most people don’t know the power inside of them and allow what they see on the outside to define their ability but if they think like the mustard seed , then the sky is the limit.

Why Should You think like the Mustard Seed?mustard  seed

i. A Mustard Seed is not bothered by its outward appearance

We are bothered by what people think of us. We mold ourselves by the words of man. I am not saying you should be dirty, filthy, bad or possess negative traits that hurt people. NO!

I am saying that you should not let people define what’s possible for your life. God has packaged you for success. No one can take that away from you.

ii. A Mustard Seed achieves its goal which is growing rapidly

A mustard seed will always achieve its aim. As long as it’s in the right condition, it will always grow to be a large tree. Why is this so?

It’s because it does not question it’s existence or destiny; it just believes

Most people are afraid to go to the next level. They question themselves why they must be successful or why they have this ability. Some people that are aware of what they can do, still don’t take a step, they stay in their comfort zone.

You were packaged and crafted for success so don’t settle for less.

iii. A Mustard Seed grows and Becomes Food for All

To potray the point, here is a post of a girl who was termed the Ugliest on the internet but became a blessing to the world.

When you start thinking like a mustard seed, it’s just a matter of time before you become a blessing to your generation.

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