You remember your lessons on the parts of the Human body. I always wondered why such topic was important; why do we have to learn the different parts of our body. Well I soon found out as I advanced in my education.




The way the body works is just amazing. Each and every part of the body works seamlessly together to perform a lot of tasks like running, eating, writing etc. and one thing I have noticed is that these parts of the body do things together. They have fun together, fall sick together and grow together; there is no one that can do without the other.

The parts of the body respect each other. No one thinks of himself more than the other. You will never see any part think of himself better than the rest of the others. Oh no he wouldn’t. Why? because he knows what happens if he tries to take the role of another part.

It is possible to have one of the parts missing but that would mean a burden for the rest of the body parts. So every part is happy to be associated with the other.

All body parts are ambitious and do have a goal? Their vision is to do their best to make the body function properly. They understand that the only way to achieve this goal is to work together.

If you wanted to know which of the body part is most important or you wanted to give an award, you would be disappointed as you would not be able to pinpoint any.

The Eye would tell you how its buddy, the brain helps him to decode what it sees and that it needs to be feed blood on a daily basis to survive which his friend, the heart supplies. If you heard all the time, then it will tell you how other parts in the body help it achieve its own goals and it would be the same story pattern with the other parts.

So what can we learn from the body and what does it have to do with lighting up our world.

There are people who want to be on the lead role. They want to be the brain. They strive to be leaders not because they want to serve but because they want to control. They want to be the brain behind behind everything; They want to be the Celebrity.

These so called lead actors are the ones who unconsciously promote the status syndrome and celebrity worship. They are the bosses who believe that they are the brain box while the people working with them are just fortunate. They are ones who will never understand that each person is important and is needed to achieve their goal. They actually don’t know what thy have till they lose it.

Then there are others who are like the legs and arms; They feel they are not making a difference because of their perceived limited roles. They have suffered rejection upon rejection. They been told that the only way you can be recognised or appreciated is when you are top. So they seem like dust in air; they blend with the crowd when they are more than who they are.

If you are one of this kind of people, then learn from your body. Take time to think about each part of your body. Look at the way they work together and then It will inspire you TO LIGHT YOUR WORLD










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