ID-10047403What is Imagination? In the world of a four year old, it might not be clearly defined. Ask a teen and maybe you will get a little clarity. In their world, imagination is doing things that have never been done, adventurous, and crazy with a lot of swags. Come down to adults, then imagination has a different meaning; systems, processes, visual thinking, and you get a complex definition of imagination.

In simple terms, imagination is forming a picture or image of something that is not in reality. It’s what leaders call Vision, Entrepreneurs call the Big Picture. Imagination is very important for man as without it, the world would probably be boring. Great men have used imagination to cause great change. Everyone has the gift of imagination even though we might not have used it to our advantage; it’s there in us.

There are a lot of findings as to the origin of imagination but no one has given us a clear answer. However I believe (I am open to criticism), that imagination is a gift given to us by God during creation. This was to enable to us to carry on the creation process which he stopped on the 7th day. Looking at our world today, we can see the rapid development and unfortunately we can also see rapid chaos from wars, to famine and poverty, weapons of destruction not to mention corruption.

  Imagination is like a double edged sword. Its power is dependent on the user. Most of the chaos of our world today, is as a result of men and women, who have used their imagination for selfish purposes. However, there are people who have used theirs to be a blessing to world and the latter are people I wish to follow.

Use your imagination and make an impact in the world.

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