Conventional Wisdom

Why are you so dramatic when it comes to conventional wisdom? Isn’t this kind of wisdom a good thing? After all, Wisdom is profitable to the Wise.

Isn’t it awkward that people think that conventional wisdom is wrong?

If you are one of such with this school of thought, then this post is for you.

5 reasons why Convention Wisdom is a Good Thing.

5 Reasons To Accept Conventional Wisdom

No Risk Involved

Why do you want to give yourself a panic attack doing the unimaginable?

Would it not be better to stay safe? Conventional wisdom makes you enjoy the safe zone; a zone where you don’t need to know much or even stress yourself thinking deeper; You only need to accept and believe in what is acceptable and reasonable.

The Result is Already Known

One of the great things about this wisdom is that it is already tested. There are examples of conventional wisdom that have been created for you to follow as long as you fill in the variables.

You already know what you are getting, For instance, Conventional wisdom says that:

  • Time is money. Your life is not important not even your experience matters
  • Content is King; Connection is secondary.
  • Intelligence is everything
  • Know your Market and Target Demographic and you will be able to get your audience without innovation and creativity.
  • Behavior is controlled by your willpower. Your environment has no way of altering your behavior
  • Blaze the trail without inspiration
  • Money can’t buy happiness even if you invest in the right things.
Conventional Wisdom(1)

Conventional Wisdom Keeps Your Expectations in Check

Dreams do break the heart and will make you feel sad especially when you realize that you can’t achieve them. This wisdom is your judge and the voice inside you that makes you face reality and reminds you of what is possible.

Conventional Wisdom Enables You to Live Life to the Lowest 

Instead of living an extraordinary life that is risky and is full of uncertainty, conventional wisdom makes you live a life that will never make you amazed or dazzled which to some is a good thing. 

Conventional Wisdom is Accepted By The Crowd

If you can’t beat them, then join them. Why do you want to go through the process of being controversial when common sense is telling you that you are wrong.

Now for those of you who want more from life; those of you that need an adventure and are ready to make your hands dirty. Those of you who want to stretch your potential beyond the universe and are not comfortable being safe, you need to understand that this kind of wisdom is not for you.

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