Building Self Confidence When People limit your ability
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Have you been in a situation where people limit your ability. Have you been in a position where you know that you can do this task but your colleagues think otherwise. What do you do when faced with such situation.

You might be facing such challenge at home, at school, in church, in groups, with friends and loved ones. I remember Malcom, my neighbour’s kid came to me frustrated with a straight face. He had learned how to drive and was good on the wheels but his dad did not think so. His father was afraid that his son would go reckless and get himself killed in an accident. So he was never allowed to drive. Sadly, Malcom  has not been able to convince his dad even with my help.

Then there is Sarah who is passionate about media and loves mixing sound on the Console. She is been working in her Youth group as a volunteer, a sound technician  for a long time. She has discovered that when the group has a big event, they usually seek the services of a professional sound technician. Initially, it did not bother her because she felt it was a good learning experience but its been 6 years now and she feels she can handle such events but her superiors think otherwise.

When people limit your ability, it will definitely make you lose confidence unless you do the following things to yourself:

1. Don’t Lose Confidence 

Yes! don’t lose confidence. People can limit you but it would have no effect unless you limit yourself. People will have an opinion of you and criticism will come but the victory is when you can overcome your limitation.

My uncle used to say that people will always talk but what matters is what it does to you.

2. Never Give Up

Don’t give up; It doesn’t matter whether they are right about your ability or not, what’s most important is that your pursue your goal and achieve your dreams. Keeping working to perfect your skill.

I read that foes are very important because they make you to excel (Think about this).

3. Learn to extract Gold from Stones

Criticism is very important; it’s one of the ways to grow but if not handled probably, it can be very destructive. This is where you come in, you have got to learn how to extract gold from stones.

You need to strip criticism down and look for what would benefit you, take that, and throw away those, that would not give you value.  Let your gold be profitable to you; Improve on your skills or ability with the information you have got and the sky is just the limit.

4. Move on

So they don’t believe in you, move on. Be on the look out for an opportunity and seize it. Be diligent in what you are doing and your skill will bring you before great men.

I love the story of David in the bible. No one saw him as a warrior even though he was doing a dangerous profession. He had faced bears and lions yet people saw him as a gentle and innocent lad who could not hurt a fly. However, a time came when he faced a challenge that no one could solve and then he overcame the limitations others put on him.

Abraham Lincoln failed so many times. What’s worse is that, at the earlier stage of his life, people did not believe in his ability. No matter how hard he tried to reach out, there was always a negative reaction but one day, it changed, he got an opportunity and today he is a legend; he is an example of what a great leader can do to a nation.

So rather than let your confidence slip, build it up and you will definitely stand out in due time.

Lets know how you have been able to overcome the limitations people have placed on you. 

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