Life is too short to take it for granted. So why do you want to allow the world to pass through you? Why do you want to live your life without intention?

Don’t let this life make you rigid. Lose yourself to these 9 things:

1. Lose Yourself to Imagination

Be a child again; Let your sense of wonder be stretched to its limit. Let your mind drift into its wonderland. Bring that kid who was never afraid to fail and was ready to do the unthinkable; who didn’t care if his idea was naive and was amazed by how adults had become rigid in their minds.

Let your imagination reveal what knowledge can’t fully give. Be a Kid again!

2. Lose Yourself to Independence and Freedom

Don’t be clingy; don’t be in people’s space. Instead, lose yourself to freedom. Be joyful that you are wonderfully made.

Take advantage of the beauty of your makeup with the knowledge that no one can be like you. Make an impact because you are an inspiration to your peers, family, and loved ones who see the qualities in you that is oblivious to you.

3. Lose Yourself To Risk

Be wary of the safe zone. It’s the greatest limitation of man. It blinds you and tells you this is how far you can go. It makes you believe that you need to be content.

Now, a life full of contentment is a happy one and it’s better than being greedy but don’t you want to live your life to the fullest? Do you want to believe that you can speak only one language or that you can only be a Home mum? Do you want to believe that you can’t start your business or that you can never achieve your dreams? Don’t you think your brain is lying to you?

Don’t be moved by this lie. Lose yourself to risk. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and be called stupid because failure is the quickest way to succeed and it has more wisdom than trying to get it right.

Don’t allow people to limit you and don’t even think of validating yourself from others. Be lost to adventure. Make the most of your talents.

4. Lose Yourself to Stardom

Why do you want to be a spectator till you pass on? Why do you want to be lost in history? It is not a sin to live a legacy; it is not wrong to be a Legend.

Lose yourself to become a Star. Work towards making an impact in your world. You don’t have to be a celebrity and stardom is not really fame and status.

Make a difference to your generation. Be a Light to a world in darkness. When you give light to those whose candles don’t have flame, you give others the grace to accomplish the same goal.

5. Lose Yourself to Failure

The brain benefits from repetition; that is why I repeat this point again. Try not to be afraid. Instead, embrace failure; be immersed in its wisdom and you will be surprised at the rate of your success.

6. Lose Yourself to Confidence

Ok! So you have been bombarded to the point that your self-esteem is on the red radar. Don’t give in to low self-esteem; lose yourself to confidence.

You look weird which means you are special. You don’t fit the system; oh you must be unique. No matter what people see, believe, or think, you are the true judge of your nature. The essence of your worth starts with YOU.

7. Lose Yourself to Love

Don’t waste your time on stress amplifiers like hate, jealousy, anger, etc. encapsulate yourself with love. Love is the best energy in the world.

Love can turn stress levels to calm levels; It’s the door to joy, peace, happiness, etc. it’s the only emotion that can produce a positive change in a man without emphasis on words.

If you want to live for the rest of your days without pain and stress, then lose yourself to love.

8. Lose Yourself to Fun

Life is like a mirror; it depends on what you see. Some people take life seriously while others think it’s a world that is fun. Don’t let the demands of the world pressure you. If you allow it to get to you, you will feel depressed and your energy will be little.

Go on, have some fun; travel around the world. Take a break and go relax at your favorite sport. Have quality time with your family. Let nature fill you with its splendor.

9. Lose Yourself to Sleep

This point doesn’t need much emphasis but here is a warning, if you don’t lose yourself to sleep, you are going to lose productivity and you are going to experience sickness.

Don’t deprive rest from your body. Try to recharge your body just the way you recharge your battery.

10. Lose Yourself to Meditation

Rather than focus your energy on worrying which never produces any positive outcome, lose yourself to meditation. Meditation is sweet honey to the body and is pleasant.

It makes your brain healthy and will never add sorrow to it. So learn to meditate; learn to sharp your brain.

Here is What You Should Do

if you are still rigid after this, then you need to read it again. You don’t have to follow all at once. Just start with one and see your world turn around.

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