Who doesn’t want to succeed? Who doesn’t want to make a difference?

Show me a person who isn’t ready to succeed and I will show you a liar for everyone has his version of success.

However, do you know that your personal pledge for success can make a whole difference? Do you know that when you scribble down a commitment, it causes so much transformation?

Introducing Taiwo, a personal development blogger who is going to show you which personal pledges will drive you to succeed. Stay tuned as Taiwo takes over the platform.

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The mind is the greatest tool given to man. It makes or mars man depending on how he uses it.

The mind works just like a computer, it works based on GIGO principle, which means, garbage in, garbage out.

Your mind will give back to you what you program into it. Therefore to be successful, you have to program your mind for success. Failure to consciously do this is preparation for failure in disguise.

Life is full of ups and downs, it takes determination, devotion, doggedness and perseverance to sail the turbulent sea of life. You must program your mind in advance if you must cope well with the harsh realities of life.

Through personal experience and study of great achievers, I have found out that commitment to certain beliefs and principles will help you to develop the thick skin needed to beat adversity as you progress on your journey to success.

I have discovered that making pledges regarding how you will behave when certain event occur in the future is one of the ways to program your mind for success.

A pledge is a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something. Every nation has a national pledge which is written to program the minds of the citizens to remain loyal and patriotic to the nation.  

Just like a nation, I believe you need your own personal pledges to help you focus, and hit your desired goals.

Having taken my time to study and analyze factors that are critical to achieving success in life, I recommend that you pledge to do the following for yourself, and remain committed to it.

To Love Yourself Unconditionally

When it comes to loving and respecting others, you will defintely score very high, but when it comes to loving yourself, you always fall behind.

If there is anybody that deserves your absolute love, it is you. You must learn to love yourself unconditionally. You may not be as beautiful or handsome as you wish to be. You may not be as tall and talented as you wish to be.

You might have made grievous and shameful mistakes in the past. All of those do not matter.

The truth is that when you find yourself in any of these situations, condemning yourself and hating yourself are not things that are difficult to come by. In fact it is your default reaction.

However, no matter the divide of life you find yourself, you must love yourself.

This pledge is necessary to maintain a positive mental attitude which is critical to success in life. You must learn to love and be at peace with yourself all the days of your life.

No matter how bad you think you are right now, you must accept yourself for who you are, and strive to improve yourself in areas you need to improve on.

Always maintain a cordial relationship with yourself. You deserve the love and respect you show for others.

Do you know why people commit suicide? There are so many reasons, but they can be narrowed down into two, condemning and hating oneself. Decide that no matter what life throws at you, you will remain committed to loving yourself.

Your resolution to do this is more important than any other one thing.


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Pledge To Never Give up on Your Dreams

It is an indisputable fact that you have dreams. You have things that you hope to have and become. However, achieving anything in life does not come easy; you need to pay the price.

Sometimes, factors outside your control tend to stand in the way of getting what you want. It is at this point that you might want to give up and stop striving to have what you desire.

To avoid giving up when the going gets tough, you must promise yourself in advance that you are not going to give up. Success comes to those who don’t give up on their dreams.

There may be delay, but you must always have it at the back of your mind that it is never too late to become what you might have been. It worked for Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein.

It took Thomas Edison more than 9,999 attempts before he succeeded in his invention of the electric bulb.

Albert Einstein said, “I think, and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion was false. The hundredth time, I am right.”

Success requires persistence; you must resolve never to give up on your dream. “Losers might become winners” said Bob Fenster, “If they didn’t quit early.”

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Pledge To Never Give in to Discouragement

On your journey to success, a time comes when you will feel you can no more. This period is characterized with hopelessness and negativity.

This moment often comes after you have put in a lot of efforts, and you didn’t see any substantial result. It can also come due to disappointments or failure.

No matter how strong at heart you are, the moment of discouragement will come, you will be tempted to give up.

However how you handle this period is a critical determining factor of whether you will be successful or fail in your endeavour.

Successful people held on at this moment, they never give in to discouragement. They keep moving until they succeed. If you too must succeed, you must promise yourself in advance that come what may, you are not going to give in to discouragement.

Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb mountain Everest, the highest mountain in the world had reasons to be discouraged and give up.

In the pursuit of his climbing goals, he broke three ribs in one fall, was gored by a frightened yak during another climb and suffered infected leech bites, massive blisters and frozen nose drips in different climbs, but he was determined to face and mastered all of the major mountain-climbing goals he set for himself.

You must resolve never to give in to discouragement.

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Pledge To Accept Total Responsibility For Your Life

No matter where you are currently in your personal development, you must strive to get to the point where you accept 100% responsibility for your life, and remain committed to it.

“You are not a failure” said a great author “until you start blaming somebody else for your failure.” Nothing gives one a sense of inner power and control over one’s life than accepting total responsibility for one’s life.

You have been falsely conditioned by the society to believe that external factors are responsible for your lack of achievement. Such factors include bad luck, poor family background, lack of former education, unemployment and so on.

This common belief is the root of all kinds of excuses, and blame games. When you accept total responsibility for your life, you come to a turning point in your personal development where you have a total conviction that you and only you is responsible for your results either failure or success.

This level of attainment equips you with a sense of direction, control and inner power to direct your life as you want. When you get to this stage in your personal development, you can boldly say like William Henly that “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”.

I am very persuaded that if you can make these pledges for yourself and remain committed to it, no force of nature can stop from you from achieving your desired goal.

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Over To You

I want you to quickly do this exercise. Get a sheet of paper or your jotter and compose your own personal pledge for success. I recommend you follow the style below:

I, (Your full name) pledge to myself,
To love myself unconditionally,
To never give up on my dreams,
To never give in to discouragement,
To accept total responsibility for my life,
So help me God

PS: You can also Tweet or pin Your Pledges. You will be helping others. Trust me!

As you proceed to work on your dream on daily basis, always meditate on these pledges and resolve to remain committed to them. You will be amazed at the amount of power it will generate within you.

About Taiwo Emayosanlomo

Taiwo Emayosanlomo

Taiwo Emayosanlomo is success coach, trainer, trained educator, certified Project manager and Motivational speaker. He is passionate about people living their lives on purpose, consciously growing and expanding.

He is the founder of Result Booster Network (RBN), a human potential development organization that promotes conscious living as the pathway to maximizing one’s full potential.

Taiwo is a strong believer of this mantra, “WORDS alone are POWERLESS. Only ACTIONS can make a DIFFERENCE.  His blog, www.taiwoemayosan.com is one of the fast rising personal development blog in Nigeria.

Taiwo honours speaking invitation from clubs, secondary and higher institutions, organizations, churches and other groups that are interested in his inspirational message. 

To book him for your next summit, seminar or conference, you can reach him on taiwo.emayosamlomo@gmail.com or call 08063027629. You can also connect with him on Facebook(Taiwo Emayosanlomo) and twitter(@Taiwoemayosan)

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