Stop Doing This To Your Dream

I watched everyone laugh out loud as Jimmy kept going on and on about his dream. What was it about Jimmy’s dream that was so funny and yet made me sad?

His dream was meant to make a difference in the world. Jimmy was supposed to bless his community, spread hope to the hopeless and to light the heart of dark Candles.

Yet I could see his dream being disgraced and abused publicly

Following Your Dreams

Years earlier, Jimmy had been blessed with an idea and this gave birth to his dream. He was so excited to take his dream to great heights while his dream was honored to be by his side.

He had told me and his friend about it and we were so happy for him. However, years came by and Jimmy still talked about his dreams.

Something wasn’t right. There was a missing element. Something was wrong but Jimmy couldn’t figure out this puzzle.

Years kept going, yet Jimmy kept talking about his dreams. it became obvious that he was not prepared for the journey. His dream was patiently waiting for his first step.

However, what started as a worthy cause gradually began to turn to a Joke.

Fast forward years later, Jimmy tells us of this same dream, and to his shock, he wasn’t expecting what came next. He realized that he had just turned his dream to a Joke.

Is Following Your Dreams a Joke?

You are thinking that maybe Jimmy’s case is rare but think about this… How did Jimmy turn his dream to a Joke and what does this have to do with you?

Following your dream is a worthy cause. It is great to be able to leave a legacy and make a difference but here is the thing, do you understand what it means to follow your dreams?

It is one thing to have a dream but following it to the end is another story.

Only a few have been able to achieve their dreams while others have successfully turned their dreams into a joke. Here lies the problem

What do I mean? Here is how you have probably turned your dream into a joke:

Following Your Dreams

1. When Following Your Dreams is not Real to You. 

The Distance between your Dream and Reality is called Action

You have successfully made your dream Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound .

But waking up every morning and going about your routine has no meaning to you. You have got no passion and certainly don’t care about the big picture.

Why sacrifice anything nor even get your hand dirty when you are contended to just have a dream and keep sharing it around.

Stop this Joke!

Why not make your dream so real enough to combine action, passion, and persistence to make it a reality. Make your dream so real that you are willing to go the extra mile.

2. When You have an Affair with Excuse and Ditch your Dream

You have decided to date Excuse and call it quits with your Dreams. How could you?

Every day, you look at your dream in the eye and say “Yes I want you my Dream. I love you and want you to be happy but this can’t work out between us”. This is strange

Instead, you hook up with Excuse whom since your relationship, has made you do the following:

Waiting for some moment to happen in your life which will cause a transformation.
Not confident to take any challenge neither are you ready to live your comfort zone.
Keeping hearing “It is too risky and it is dangerous to fail. Besides you, neither have the skill nor the resource, to begin with. You could lose everything if you follow your dream” says Excuse.
Excuse let’s you understand that someday you can get back to your dream but right now you need to be responsible.

What a great relationship you have with Excuse.

Stop this joke and get back to following your dreams.

Start from where you are.

You have all the resources you need. You can learn as you take baby steps. Remember who you are.

You are awesome because you have so much to offer. Ditch the excuse now


3. When You Allow People To Make Your Dream a Joke.

You are told that dreams are for losers. You are convinced that you don’t have what it takes to achieve your dream.

Your perception of your dream has surrendered to the truth that it is impossible, unrealistic, and stupid to achieve it.

Now the thing that’s weird isn’t what you have been told, what is strange is that you believe in these lies.

These lies have made you think that your dream isn’t worthwhile and you have embraced such thought to the point that you have bowed down to impossibilities.

You are brainwashed into making your dream a joke and have swallowed these awful ideas from family, friends, and loved ones.

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Stop this Joke!

What if you knew that no one can understand your dreams, passion, and goals better than you? You can see the big picture with better clarity than anyone else.

If anyone thinks that your dream is awful then It is nobody’s fault but yours.

No one appreciates your dream because they do no understand it. They don’t see how your dream fits their big picture except you. So make them understand

Over To You

In what ways have you allowed following your dream to become a joke? Do share in the comments

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