What happens when a beautiful and clean building is left with one broken window for any substantial length of time.

Now what do you think happens when you leave an abandoned car with a single window broken and untouched for weeks.

Well! according to the Broken Windows Theory, leaving a single broken window, causes a sense of abandonment around the inhabitants of the building. This effect is so intense that there is an aura that causes a nonchalant attitude towards the building .

So another window gets broken, People start littering, structural damage begins and in a relatively short space of time, the building becomes damaged beyond the owner’s desire to fix it.

As for the abandoned car, experiment shows that the car becomes stripped and turned upside down within the hour.

The Broken Windows theory has inspired a philosophy among security agencies that serious crimes can be prevented by taking care of the little crimes. Its a controversial theory about social behavior and visible signs of crime in relation to environment that has been popularized among criminologist.

You Do Matter

Despite the controversial view of the Broken Windows Theory, there is a deep wisdom in its logic.

Not everyone gets to live a life of bliss and happiness. The experience that people face in their life often lead them with a lot of shattered glass. Some broken glass are so damaged that it seems hard to pick the pieces.

So what happens when you decide to live your life with broken windows? What happens when you refuse to fix the broken windows in your life?

Sadly, you create a world that deteriorates faster than you imagine. Truth is that we are all connected and no human is a void. A stitch left untended to will cause harm to those around you and not just to yourself.

The more your broken windows becomes public, the more it affects your environment. It is like walking on thin ice.

Your mind becomes littered with all forms of negativity. People will break more of your windows with every form of mental manipulation till you lose the desire to fix yourself.

Fixing Your Broken Window

Take Responsibility

It is easy to blame others for your pain but the first step to fixing your broken window is to accept responsibility for your life.

Indeed the World is unfair and every circumstances in your life might be out of your control but taking action to be your better self is in your control.

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Design Your Life

No matter how shattered your glass may seem, you have the power to fix your window and make a difference. The journey to make a difference might be very painful and comes with a lot of hurdles but the road less traveled always leads to bliss.

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Over to You

The story of your life has not ended till you say so. You are the author of your world so take a brush and paint your reality in your world

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