What if you knew that there are some emotions which have much more effect on your life decisions than others. What if you knew that your emotions can shape your world

To do justice to this issue, I introduce to you Bisco. Now if you don’t know Bisco, he is a young success coach who is making a difference.

His vision is to fill in the gap and lead the people to a life above mediocrity and above the self limiting belief systems and he is sure doing a good job. So I hand over to Bisco as he inspires you to take action

Which Emotions affects Your Life Long Decisions

Your decisions in life however you take it are determined simply by one thing-your emotion.

You may have been in a situation where, after buying something, you ask yourself “why Did I buy it?” “I didn’t need this after all”…etc. I have been in such a position and I suppose you have been so too. Why did this happen?

At the end of this amazing write up, you’ll understand why and surely, I believe you’ll be able to avoid or make the most of it next time.

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Your Emotions are you:

You cannot be better than your emotions and whatever you are now is as a result of your emotions-now and before now.

There could be many emotions but the three I have picked here are responsible for your major choices and outcome in life. Little wonder the saying is true;

Don’t promise when you are excited; don’t talk when you are angry. when you do this, you’ll always make a mountain out of a mud hill.

The Emotions That determine Your Life

Sadly, two of these emotions are negative, only one of them is positive.

However, they possess almost the same power in them. The two negative emotions work relentlessly towards the destruction of mankind and limit his potential.

While the positive emotion when mixed with energy can cause a tremendous impact in the life of the bearer. This makes he/she always glow with radiance, grace and charm

Three Emotions That Decide Your Life Long Decisions

Here are the three emotions that decide your life choices and decisions. If you think through them, you’ll agree with me that one of them is the reason why the world is where it is today,

it is the reason for your present trouble in the world and the presence of the third is the reason for the bliss in whatever you do.

1. Anger

Don’t you think the world would be a better place if we all could manage our anger?

Like I said above, anger is the major reason why the world is in turmoil. If anger left the equation, we would have a better world.

Most times(or I might be safe to say anytime) you take a rash and harsh decision, it is simply because of your anger towards something or someone.

When walking on the street and a man walks up to you to advertise a product, apart from being either cashless or not in need of the product, the major reason why you react the way you do to the marketer is because you are simply angry or otherwise.

Your anger could arise as a result of your failures in past endeavors’, or the failures of people you never expected. There are a lot of reasons people get angry. There are also a lot of reasons you shouldn’t dwell in your anger.

Of course, it is near impossible to eliminate anger from a human being, as long as you have blood running through your veins, you would have times when you are angry,.

However, it is highly important to know how to control your anger. When you slip into an angry mode, you should learn how to overcome it and get out of such a mood that is rather exasperating.

2. Fear

Don’t you think this is also a part of it? One of the major reasons you are where you are today is as a result of your fear.

You are either under performing because of your fear, or on par because you fear failure ( you might think this is good, but fear makes you unexpressive).

There are many reasons why you are scared, and to my amazement, many reasons are baseless. The major reasons why people are scared don’t always happen; fear is just a deceptive tool of the mind to hold you back.

I like the beginning of Marianne Williamson’s quote “It is our light not our darkness that scares us” this is one of my greatest quotes.

If you critically consider it, it is because you have immeasurable ability that you are scared.

Few of the reasons why you are scared include :

• Fear of the unknown: not knowing what is obtainable on the other side

• Fear of untold Possibilities: you might not agree, but there are people who are scared of how possible their plans could be

• Fear of challenges: I Know everyone would agree on this, you have once or twice or always been scared of challenges, or competitions and the likes

• Fear of success: Like the fear of possibilities, many fear their success so they chose not to go ahead and give it a shot.

• Fear of Rejection: You have once or twice been scared of rejection.

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3. Joy

The third and final emotion on my list is Joy. I’m glad it is the last on this list because I want to end the post on a high. Because it is last does not make it least in any way.

You should always give joy a chance. When you do, you will find yourself being on top of your game. There is a big difference between joy and happiness, Joy is “eternal” while Happiness is “momentary”.

You should always strive to be happy and joyful. You are liberated by both emotions as they relieve you from avoidable pain.

It’s a shame I don’t have much to say on Joy, simply because you know better, I do not need to tell you that it takes fewer muscle to smile; it takes less energy to be happy; being joyful helps you live better, longer and have a more quality life.

If your temperament makes you fall into depression always, you need to do something about it because I believe you have power over your temperaments.

If you notice, the happiest people on the planet are beautiful and handsome; always smiling and wearing good looks.

You might want to argue that there is no reason to be joyful but remember whatever situation you find yourself, there is hope for tomorrow (If you work towards it). This should make you joyful, be optimistic and expect the rest.

I thought I wasn’t going to write much on joy, but I think I have already, so am just gonna stop there, because I want you to have your say in the comment area below.

SO those are the top three emotions that affect your decisions in life and ultimately what you become in life,

Like I said at the start, Anger and Fear work relentlessly to the destruction of mankind and limiting his potential.

Over to You

What do you think of these three emotions?

Do you agree they are the emotions most responsible for your decisions and results in life? Which emotion do you exhibit the most? Joy, Anger or Fear? Share with us using the comment area below..

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