Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. Desmond Tutu

Desmond Tutu

How can one possibly be hopeful in a sad moment? How can one stay strong, calm and peaceful when every situation around is shouting chaos.

What is Worst Thing That Could Happen to You?

I was born into a polygamous family. My father had three wives in which my mother was the last wife. Living in a Polygamous family was like hustling for survival. My mother gave birth to five children and I was the third child plus the only boy among four girls.

As with every Polygamous marriage, things were not so well with my mom. She was always on the verge of leaving the house but never did so because of the love for her children.

However, after a long time of endurance, my mother died and sadly we had to bear with the loss at a very young age.

After my mother’s death, my father took over the responsibilities . Father gave us the best with so much care that we got used to the fact that our mom was no longer with us.

But Eight months later, after the death of my mom, I was struck with another tragedy. Father became very sick and weeks later, he passed way. This was a very big blow to my childhood .Can you imagine such a moment in the life of a little child?

Losing my parents made my sisters and I so sad and reckless, that my father’s family decided that it was best to take us to our maternal grandparent. When we got there, we received such a warm welcome. My grandparent were delighted that they could take care of their Daughter’s kids after her death.

I got the love I so deserved and I was happy to live with them . My siblings and I began to warm up to them and soon enough, we got used to not being with our parents.

They took good care of us and made sure that we never lacked anything even to the point of making sure our education bills were payed.

Then, ten years later as if nature was making a big joke out of me, my grandparents passed on together . This happened at the time my eldest sister was in the University.

This was the saddest moment of my life and it was as this time that I experienced depression. I could not handle the truth that I was all alone and to the reality that my parents and grand parents were no more; even though I was much older at this time .

Sometimes we feel lost and broken. We feel all hope is gone and find that we have no reason to live anymore. but this is just a gridlock in our mind

One day, my eldest sister called for a meeting among the siblings. She said so much to encourage us to move forward in life. I will never forget her words that transformed my life.

She made me realize that it takes a strong determination and a change of mindset to succeed . She shared that there is hope and I could do something better with my life without my parents nor guidance.

With these words of wisdom, I was able to deal with my depression .

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I started working toward my dreams; so did my sisters too. My eldest sister was able to graduate from the University and is working with a private company. My immediate elder sister also graduated and presently, I and my younger sister are in the University

We had some challenges in our journey but due to our determination to succeed , life has been going fine and we have been doing quite well

My Life Lesson

Imagine if we had thrown the towel and lost hope for our future. Imagine if our mindset was not geared to success, we would never have achieved anything in life. It goes to show the Power of Positive Thinking.

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So what so ever that happens to you in life, always remember that there is always hope in a sad moment. Have a wonderful week. Take Care


Omotunde Akintoye is motivational write, who writes mainly to motivate people and also write to solve people problem, he owns a website name “herkinsgist” where he shows his writing skills and publish his articles.

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