4 Crazy Things You Did Not Know When You Lose Everything

4 Crazy Things You Did Not Know When You Lose Everything

Your worst fear has come to pass; you have lost everything in your life; everything you ever lived for has been taken away from you.

You tried all you could to prevent such situation but all that is the past now. You are stunned and don’t know what to do. What more can life offer to you.

What you have left are just pieces of yourself which you are about to let go. You are bereaved with so much pain; life is indeed unfair.

But What if you knew that certain significant events are taking place in your life by losing everything?

What if you knew that by losing everything, you are just about ready to shape your World?

Don’t believe me! Here are 4 Crazy Things You did not Know When You Lose Everything.

4 Crazy Things You Did Not Know When You Lose Everything

1 You just created a Clean Slate

Amidst all the pain; amidst all the sadness and sorrow; amidst all your suffering, you get to start over again. You have just created a clean slate where you can make a difference.

You get to set the pieces of your life and craft your success story. You get to take your pain and turn it into joy. You get to create your reality from what you have lost. You get to create your legacy and build a solid foundation.

What if you knew that by losing everything, you are just about ready to shape your World? Click To Tweet


2. You Have a Valuable Gem.

So this loss happened to you without your invitation. You are drained of energy and don’t have enough motivation to move on.

Life is about ups and downs and you can’t control everything but what a Gem you have within which the Word seeks so much.

Despite the challenges that are set before you; despite your fear and uncertainty, lies the courage to move forward.

It is turning your fear to courage that the World craves so much. It is making a difference out of your pain that makes the World a better place.

This courage is a valuable Gem and it is what sets you apart from the rest.

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3. You Get to Build Strong Relationships

Those who you felt were your support will abandon you due to your situation. Some of your friends will pity you and refuse to lend a helping hand because of your challenge.

Your family might have rejected you; Your loved might have turned a blind eye to your plight.

However, there will be those who will stick with you through thick and thin; who will guide you till the very end.

These are the relationships you need in your life. These are the friends that will turn your pain into a fulfilled life.

4. You Empower Others

When you overcome your challenges; When you overcome your pain; when you turn your pain into a blissful reality, you give people the power to do the same.

You get to build up courage, to leave a mark and make people overcome their limitations. Your pain, loss and sadness becomes a life lesson that transforms the life  of others.

You become an inspiration. You make the World a better place.

Over To You

What do you do when you have lost everything? Please share in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “4 Crazy Things You Did Not Know When You Lose Everything”

  1. Hey Ikechi,

    Thanks for inspiring us again.

    There are times when we feel broken and there is no way to go ahead. At that time we can start from the scratch and we always have our experience and knowledge so we just have to believe and start again.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Alisha Shrestha

    HI Ikechi,

    Thank you for such an inspirational post.

    I have been sad and broken for last couple of months, and I did get to know the power of positivity and never giving up.

    This article completely sums it up everything that one should do when they feel like they have lost everything.

    1. Hi Alisha

      Welcome to my Blog

      I so commend you for staying strong despite your challenges. I know that you will definetely come out strong. Don’t give up.

      Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. Take Care

  3. Hi,

    We should always look at the things in positive manner and this post one is one such example. Losing everything is painful and heartbreaking. There is no way, one can describe it even in thousand words and honestly speaking, others can’t feel it until unless they experience it in their own life. The only problem is that sometimes it is not as easy as it looks and a person is so broken after the disaster that he can’t even pick himself and start a normal life again. At such time, everything is greek to him. It is only after sometime, when he/she get enough strength to make a new start of his/her life.

    1. Hi Bharat

      You are right which is why it is necessary to build the mind in such a way that he sees opportunities in every misfortune. Thanks for sharing your insight. Take Care

  4. I saw a video of people living exiled in camps in Iraq. They lost everything, yet they were smiling and happy living in tents. They had each other and they had their faith. Something ponderable. Idk how I would be if I had to leave my home behind as I am someone who says there is no place like home. But for every hurt there can be blessings

  5. Hey Ikechi,

    First of all I must say a big “Thank you” for such an outstanding & inspirational article.

    Thanks for letting me know the power of never giving up & being throughout nourishing positivity in our life.


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