You Got Talent
Ikechi Hanging out with Elsie

Well! I had fun at the Hangout and while I coached everyone on how to make a difference with their Talent, I learned so much too.

Today I share with you what I discussed in the hangout.

It is strange that people with so much talent don’t make a difference but cage their abilities. Your Talent matters and I show you why. So here goes. 

You Got Talent

For many centuries, there has been an ongoing debate. Scholars, teachers, and lecturers have gathered to answer this disturbing issue.

What is this issue that spreads across businesses, sports, vocation, etc….?

Here is the issue; Can Talent be learned or is one born with a Talent?

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Those who support that Talent can be learned believe that it takes determination, passion, hard work, and so much patience to learn a Talent.

But If talent can be learned, then everyone can easily become all that they want to be; a pilot, an engineer, an artist, an athlete, a banker….. which isn’t just happening. This is the big question mark.

There are others who say we are born with a talent. It is God-given, creative, and a unique gift that cannot be compared to others but if this is true then why is it that everyone isn’t making a difference? 

Why do we have Pacesetters and Spectators? Why do we have Influencers and Followers? Why do we have Winners and Losers?

Are we going to hear the last of this debate? I don’t think so as it is still ongoing.

However there are two things we can deduce from this argument

i. Everyone has a talent whether you learn to have one or it is inborn in you. we all have a Talent.

ii. People have a problem making use of their talents. You have a talent but don’t what to do with it.

If you are not heading anywhere with your talent, here is how to harness your talent and make a difference:

1. Do not doubt Yourself. Learn to trust in Your Ability.

We all want to be extraordinary and we all just want to fit in. Unfortunately, extraordinary people rarely fit in.

Have You ever been in a situation where you have a talent but don’t know how to communicate such talent to others? You try so hard to define your gift but it doesn’t fit with the status quo.

You have probably been in this moment where people don’t understand your skill and don’t give your work the attention it deserves.

This can be painful and so disheartening which is the reason why people want to fit into self-imposed standards. It is easier to be in the safe zone and sit on the fence

dont wait for others to recognise your Talent

You need to trust in your abilities, believe in your Talent, and embrace your uniqueness.

Your Talent does not fit with Society. Good for you. You have the edge to make a difference.

Before I began my blogging Journey, I doubted my writing abilities. It took a year before I could muster the courage to make a difference. I was waiting for the right time which never showed itself. Today I am glad I made the decision. Everything is history.

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2. Learn to Collaborate. Work with Others To Harness Your Talent

You can harness your talent by collaborating with others. When you mix with those that share your interest, you get to stand on the shoulders of giants. 

In the Hangout With Elsie, you could see the power of collaboration in play. I stumbled on Elsie’s blog and was not just impressed with her blog, I was also fascinated by her wonderful community.

I, therefore, became one of her readers which is why it was fun to see all her readers in the hangout, getting to know the friendly and charming blogger Elsie. 

Some of the readers were regular contributors in Elsie’s blog. I would never have known anyone nor would I have known about their Talent if I did not read Elsie’s blog.

It is great to see these awesome people express their talent by writing interesting stories. 

Never despise the power of a community, you will easily discover your talent and improve on it by working with others. 

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Hangout with Elsie
Hangout with Elsie

3. Research for Problems That Your Talent can Solve

You might have the greatest talent in the world but if it is not solving any problem then It is just Paper Talent.

Your Talent might seem ingenious and so creative but if no one knows about your Talent, then it is a ghost.

The world is filled with talented people. The world is blessed with Creative personalities and ingenious ideas but it is lacking Problem Solvers.

If your Talent can’t solve any problem then it as good as dead.

Your Talent should throw more light to a situation that no one can provide. Your talent should cause a ripple effect and enable one to achieve their goal.

Your gift was meant to make a difference and cause a positive transformation. 

Don’t hold on to Paper Talent where you express your gifts on paper. Your Talent isn’t meant for a show but to make someone’s life better.

MUST READ: Being Unique Is Not The Same As Being Useful

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4. Invest in Yourself.

Invest in your Talent
Invest in your Talent 2

You need to consistently develop yourself and make an effort to be a Better You. Be original and avoid being a version or an impostor. 

You might believe that what is so easy for you which is your talent and gift, can be easily done by others. Well, you are wrong as no one can easily do it like you. That is why it is called a Talent.

So invest in your Talent, Invest in Yourself and shape the future

5. Don’t Be Money Conscious. Be Value Conscious.

I have been quizzed by people who can’t understand why I have to give out content for free.

Even my mum feels that I should tag a price on my content before letting anyone read it.

I would always smile each time she would say to me “You mean you are not charging EVERYONE for reading your post“. I always have to explain to her the concept of Content Marketing.

Strange thing is that my mum isn’t the only one with such perception.

Maybe you have jumped from one business to another without understanding the process of Self Discovery. Maybe you are so Money conscious that you are looking for quick fixes and shortcuts.

Well here is the thing, you should not think about making money to the extent that you ditch the process of building your talent . You should not hold on to shortcuts just to make quick cash. 

Money is a by-product of meeting needs and it only comes when you add value. If you do not have any means of adding value, then money will never come to you.

If you develop your talent and learn to harness it to make a difference and solve an extraordinary problem, the money will come. 

Focus on the main thing; You Have Something to Give.

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Over To You

In what way have you harnessed your Talent to Make a Difference. Please share in the comment section. 

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