When Positive Thinking Goes Crazy

When Positive Thinking Goes Crazy and What You Should Do About It

When Positive Thinking Goes Crazy-and What You should do about it

“Positive Thinking sucks”

These were the exact words of Toby as he was frustrated by the whole personal development process.

Toby had listened to speakers and coaches talk about how positive thinking was a good thing and how it could turn his life to bliss.

Toby was made to see that if he could just change his thought to be positive, then sooner or later, his life would be better and all the good things of life would flow to him naturally.

Toby embarked on a mission to focus on Personal development. If he worked on improving everyday and nurture a positive mindset, he would feel better about himself and get rid of his flaws.  

But days later, Toby was worried that something wasn’t right. It seemed that his Positive thinking was going crazy.

What was going on?

What had he done wrong?

Why is it that he was not getting anywhere and his life still remained a mess?

Toby began to think to himself as his memory opened up to some of the things he had done……The good thing is that you have the opportunity to unravel his dilemma. So lets go..

Thinking Positive Thoughts Without You Doing Anything

Isn’t it all about wishing for something and then believing that you would receive it?

Isn’t the Law of attraction meant to work like magic? Toby thinks to himself.

He had wished for so many wonderful things and had gone as far as dreaming them.

He had a dream of being financially free. He saw himself on an adventure; travelling to beautiful cities around the World.

He smiled as he saw his happy family in their happy home. The environment was so lovely that it was just like heaven.

However, Reality suddenly dawns on Toby.

Almost immediately, Toby puts on a frown. Looking around he could see the difference between his dream and his reality.

He was single and barely had enough for a day. He had so many bills to pay and was leaving from hand to mouth.

Toby mutters to himself wondering why his positive thinking turned bizarre. His reality is really a nightmare

Something definitely isn’t right……

Isn’t it strange that you think about what you want  in life and yet you do nothing to get what you want.

It is not enough to have positive thoughts or feelings. It is not enough to dream, remember that  you need to take ACTION. 

Resisting Reality and Believing that it does not Exist

At a point, Toby had to disregard reality.

Of course if you want to get rid of negative thoughts and allow Postive thinking to get hold of you, then why hold on to reality.

This was Toby’s belief till his perception was shaken when he lost his recent job.

The management in his office had complained about his performance to his duties. Toby’s Colleagues had tried their best to cover his mistakes. Toby had even received so many queries but he had not given any thought to them.

All that mattered was to remain positive and think about success. “As long as I think positive thoughts, I won’t be affected” thought Toby  but he was surprised to see his sack letter without any prior information.

Toby sighs! he wished he had taken his work much more serious. Toby wished he had become more productive in work.

Strange that he believed in positive thinking and it failed him.

Positive thinking makes you see your problem in a new light. It gives you the power to make a decision about your challenges.

Do you think of new ways to solve your problems or do you allow the Fear of Failure to Keep You Out of Trouble?

Remember  Successful men become successful only because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success.” – Napoleon Hill

Positive Thinking Makes Everything go Smoothly

Now Toby couldn’t understand why things were so rough in his life.

Why did he have to make mistakes all the time? It seemed like he was cursed. 

He was thinking positive thoughts all the time so why couldn’t his life just be smooth.

There were his peers who seemed to have everything going on fine. His friends had an overnight success. They had good things come their way. They didn’t have much problems. 

But Toby faced problems upon problems and he feels overwhelmed because they ain’t coming to end.

Obstacles are bound to appear at various times.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. You build it one step at a time

You will have to deal with uncertainty and tackle your fears. If you focus on obstacles, you will never get past them. 

Rather than focus on challenges, learn to embrace your fears, make mistakes and move forward.


Some Subconscious Toxic Baggage Still Exists.

As Toby ponders on these issues, he wonders if he would be able to make his life better. 

Toby hopes that he can put his life on tract. He feels sad as he gone through so much……

Toby has had his fair share of pain and rejection…

At the age of 10, he was molested by bullies and then by his uncle. There was no one he could talk to about his pain. So he struggled to get back his self esteem. It was tough but he did manage.

As if that wasn’t enough, he watched as his Dad and Mum couldn’t stand each other and eventually decided to go their separate ways without even thinking about his future.

This crushed his spirit so much and he carried this burden all through his education. Toby managed to scale through the University. 

Since then, Toby still feels he is not worth anything. He feels that he is insignificant which is why karma is dealing seriously with him. 

This is it. Toby gets an Aha Moment. He realized that he had so much baggage to let go.

Toby had not yet moved on. He still held on to the past and felt the horror in his mind. The fear of being left alone was still programmed in his subconscious mind.

Toby tried so much to cover his pain and fears. He would give a fake smile to the world but deep in his heart, he felt hurt. He didn’t want anyone to feel he was clingy so he developed a technique to disregard how he felt.

Toby decides that he needs to heal his subconscious mind.

ReadWhy You Must Heal Your Subconscious Issues to Clear The Way For What You Want

So Toby makes up his mind to give Positive thinking another chance but this time he would get it right. 

Over To You

Has there been a time when your positive thinking went crazy? What did you do about it. Please share in the comment section.

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