5 Common thinking error that prevents you from standing out from the crowd

Thinking about the way you think is really important especially when you want to stand out and make a difference.

When you mix wrong thinking with the actions to reach your goal, what kind of result would you get?

There are common thinking errors that have limited you and without you realizing , has led you to feel upset , guilty, lifeless and at one point, bear the thought of given up on your dreams.

These errors have made you to stay on the fence and hold on to your comfort zone. Unless you realize these errors, you will be stuck in the rat race forever.

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Here are 5 Common Thinking errors that prevent you from standing out from the Crowd:

1. Being Unique is The Same as Being Effective

be unique and be useful

So you are unique and your existence will leave a mark in the world. It is a fact that no one can be like you and your experience makes you stand out from the rest.

You have been blessed with talent and your mind is one of a kind. You are so special and endowed with so much creativity.

Yet if all you have is just being unique; if with all your creativity, no one can benefit from your experience.

If your Talent can’t solve anyone’s problems and all you have become is a spectator in your world, then you need to question this mindset and realize that Being unique is not the same as being effective.

2. You Need a Big Dream to make a Difference

Having a big vision can make you stand out from the crowd. That great idea can be a life changing experience for others.

However, if you allow that big idea to consume you so much that you are not taking any step or you are looking for a sign and believe that you need a big dream to stand out, then it is time you question this thinking,

You Don't Need a Big Dream to Make a Difference

While big steps are awesome, It is the baby steps that counts in the long run. Just because you don’t have a big dream doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out.

By taking small steps, you learn from your mistakes and increase your success rate while developing your idea.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.
The Secret of getting Ahead is getting Started.
There is no One Giant Step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps. .
If you believe that you need a big dream to stand out, then it is time you question this thinking

3. Fake it Till You Make it

It is great to exaggerate your knowledge, experience and  accomplishments and let everyone see you in complete fiction. After all, you are on the path to the right direction.

But what if success does not give you enough confidence to make a difference?

What If you are still struggling with imposter syndrome and this is preventing you from standing out? Isn’t this mindset a bad idea?

You should have a Unique Soulful Proposition ; this is the intersection of what your gifts/talents are and how you can use them to help people live better and happier.

Your USP  is adding a soul of uniqueness, originality and differentiation to your hobby, product or service. This will enable you to go through the learning process to be who you want to be and not what others want you to be .

As Chery Schmidt suggest  “start practicing being the person you want to become.”

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Your Weakness is your Greatest Liability.

Being weak seems to be a threat to your dreams. You can’t stand being so vulnerable.

What’s worse is that you don’t have the required skills to be relevant

Those who have made a difference in the world have been known for their courage. They were able to overcome their weakness and take advantage of their strengths.

If your weakness is an obstacle to making a difference, then you have got it all wrong as Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

What you call weakness is just a mindset. It is an illusion that makes you believe that you are limited. Your weakness can become a pillar and make you an authority. 

Through your weakness, you have the opportunity to make an impact and create a community. Your awful experience has the power to save and empower others.

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5. Being No 1 Makes You Stand Out from Others.

Do you believe that you can’t stand out because there is so many people doing the same thing?

Has it ever occurred to you that being No 1 actually makes you to stand out from the crowd?

Being able to change your emotional, intellectual and physical faculties pays huge dividends, in both your personal and professional lives. It is awesome to be able to make yourself better everyday.

But you don’t have to be in competition to make a difference. In fact, Deborah shows that being in Synergy can be so powerful and enable you to stand out.

Competition doesn’t have to be an issue and should not be an obstacle to achieve your dreams.

There are so much opportunities for you and others. The trick is to communicate you amazing abilities, your uniqueness, and value.

We live in an interconnected world, and each of us matters. You have the capacity to make the world more beautiful.

There is no Scarcity of Opportunity to make a living at What you love. Wayne W. Dyer Click To Tweet

Over To You 

What Common Thinking Errors have prevented you From standing out From the crowd?

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