What a great ability to be able to meet yourself. You will be able to see yourself in a way that you never imagined.

What do you think you will find about yourself by looking from someone else’s point of view? A very good thinking exercise which I am going to do today.

Now If it were possible to have such ability, here is 4 reasons why you should not meet and see yourself from someone else’s point of view:

5 Reasons Why You Should Not See Yourself Through Someone Else

What You Will See About Yourself Will Be Inaccurate.

It’s been said that no one has ever seen himself; even a mirror just shows us a reflection. When you see yourself through someone else, you are going to eventually discover that there is a lot of wrong information about yourself.

The eyes doesn’t see the whole picture; it doesn’t accurately know your values and mindset. To get such information, it has to be able to see your thoughts which is not possible. All it can do is to see your action and physique .

Oh! if you are wondering how you can get to your thoughts, let me remind you that you need to remember Communication.

You Will Be Shocked About The Perception of You

So you have seen yourself and you like what you see but there is one just tiny little problem; it’s something that you left out.

Remember, you are seeing yourself through someone else; It might shock you that the fellow, whose point of view you are seeing yourself, might not quite agree with what you see.

While you feel that you are a model, he/she thinks that you are too skinny; you think that you are hot but he/she believes that you are ugly. You think that you are smarter than Einstein; he/she thinks you are dumb, maybe dumber. You see yourself as a goal getter but he/she feels that you are horrible person, very arrogant and my God, you definitely ain’t cool.

Now not all humans are this bad; it will be better with family, friends and loved ones but what an irony if such thoughts were discovered with someone you love.

You Will Probably Lose Your Self Esteem

Why should I lose self esteem meeting myself? I would definitely love me; yeah! easier said than done. You might probably like yourself if only you meet societal standards but there is no perfect situation.

Will you appreciate the fact that you are nerdy and not social? that you are not athletic and don’t have that charming smile that will make the ladies or guys say Wow!.

Will you still look at yourself and smile when you discover that no one sees you as an expert but think that you are just there.

Will you be able to see your beauty and appreciate it without recognising the huge pimples that makes you face look horrible or the fact that your stomach needs to be flat with packs.

Will you appreciate your uniqueness or measure your worth by social standards.

You Will Discover That It was A Waste of Time

Eventually when it dawns on you (if it ever does) that what people see about you is inaccurate, then you will discover that you are special. You will learn that you are unique and are meant to stand out from the others. You will see that just because you don’t fit, doesn’t mean you are doomed.

You will come to appreciate whom you are but you will regret all the time that you wasted trying to measure your worth from the views of others.

 Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think about meeting yourself through others? Will it be fruitful or will it leave a bad taste? Please share with a comment below.

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