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The word “REVOLUTION” immediately brings to mind the French, Spanish and Ghanaian revolutions. It automatically creates a picture of blood bath, rebellion and destruction. This does not have to be the case however.

A revolution can be peaceful and bloodless. It can be a CULT revolution (not a secret cult).


A break away from “separationist” cultural attitudes and sentiments…

  • ”I’m a northerner – I do things in a certain way; I’m oppressed; I’m disadvantaged”
  • ”I’m a southerner – I do things in a certain way; I’m educated; I’m widely exposed”
  • ”I’m a westerner – I do things in a certain way; I’m suppressed; I’m inferior”
  • ”I’m an easterner – I do things in a certain way; I’m superior; I deserve more than I get”

Even members within a family unit are all different from each other, but it does not mean they are not one family. Should our different cultures, traditions, religions or geography separate us as a nation?

A cultural revolution should unite us as a nation and benefit us by attracting tourist to our country.


Our political landscape is populated by our parents who should have retired and transferred the business of Nigeria to us. Even those that retired are still ruling by proxy (some from their grave).

This godfatherism “umbilical cord” must be broken.  This is not to say that our parents are not relevant in our lives or future (of Nigeria). A child still depends on the parent until adulthood and then steps out into the world – To Make A Change (MJ).

To transform this country requires sophisticated, visionary, futuristic and radical solutions (not the Rivers State example).

An umbilical revolution should liberate the young from the old generation and benefit us by birthing new leadership with fresh, creative and transformative ideas.


There was a generation that fought for our freedom. There was a generation that dreamed of the technology for the future and another generation that created the technology that was dreamt of, which will become standard use by another generation.

A lateral break away means a generational separation between the “Future Leaders” and the “Past Leaders”. In between are the “Present Leaders”… currently being deprived of their birth right. A generation of Nigerian youths,

  • that must peacefully take leadership away from the “Past leaders”;
  • that must logically break away from “Past leaders” old archaic style of leadership;
  • that must systematically regenerate itself, drastically and radically reposition itself and confidently become self reliant;
  • that must masterfully create a new and durable legacy of inheritance to be passed down from generation to generation;
  • that must meet the NEEDS (National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy) of Nigeria and mobilize its resources to make a fundamental break with the failures of the past and bequeath a united and prosperous nation to generations to come;
  • that must consequently lay a new foundation for “Future Leaders” and generations to come.

A lateral revolution should unite a generation as a transformational force and entity for national progress and development as benefits.



The boko haram sect claims that they fight for a cause possibly to redress an imbalance and “transform” a bad system into a good one. Supposedly, they are educated and must be believers of one religion or another which is supposed to preach “Peace”. Their actions are destructive, where is the transformation in it? What is their real motive?

The same goes for the Niger Delta militants whose hobby is kidnapping, pipeline and oil well vandalism, community agitation amongst other vices. Their actions are destructive, where is the transformation in it? What is their real motive?

In other places you have “Area Boys”; “Touts” etc who claim that government does not provide for their needs. Their actions are destructive, where is the transformation in it?

We need to ask ourselves this question; “How do we progress and develop our country to transform it into a world class nation by destroying its human, natural and social resources”? What are the real motives behind these aggressive actions?

A transformational revolution should be the result of a Peaceful, United Country for growth and Progress evidenced by infrastructural, economical and social development as benefits.

With all due respect to those whom respect is due, should you be offended by anything within this write-up, please be advised to reconsider your philosophy is life. Life is about “Change”… “Change” is the only constant thing in life. The growth of a nation is incomplete if the leadership does not constantly change – from generation to generation; from style to style; from bad to good to better to best.

My Nigeria of the future is one of Peace, Unity and Progress.

To have peace, I MUST LOVE YOU, my fellow Nigerian regardless of race, religion or creed – though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand.  This will naturally lead to unity between US I and YOU (WE). Consequently, WE will progress in all areas.

This is an ancient national recipe that will forever remain relevant and palatable.

The starting point is with me (with “I” – “Man in the Mirror”, MJ).

If I” = “You”, then “I” +“I” = “Us”. This implies that (“Us” x “Us”) n = “We”.

When “We” = 1, that is when “We” will have Peace, Unity and Progress.

GHETTO CHILD…, if you want to make Nigeria a better place, take a look at yourself and MAKE THAT CHANGE


Written by DAMISI KUKU – a “GHETTO CHILD” in transformation mode to become a “CHANGE MAKER”. (July 2013)

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