Can A Loser Become Influential

If you want to be amazing and successful. If you want to be a thought leader and a role model for achievement, then you just have to be the best; strive for excellence and go the extra mile.

You might even need to change your friends; You don’t want them to slow you down and deter you from achieving your goal. When it comes to influence, there is no place for a loser.

You have probably heard such statement said over and over in different ways. It seems right and an established norm that men of influence are successful people but do you know that losers can be influential as well.

The Last Placed Runner That Became A Hero

Everyone’s focus is on the finish line. There is so much excitement in the crowd. What is going on in everyone’s mind is who would be the first to cross the finish line. Then it happens, the best athlete goes through followed by the second and third and then its over but wait this race is different. The crowd is cheering the very last contestant. What’s going on?

It’s uncommon for last placed runner to receive such audience but Meghan Vogel did receive such praise when she helped her team mate  Arden McMath at the Ohio State Track Meet.

A Junk Becomes A Hero

Real Steel

People running toward the ring; shouting for Joy trying to reach out to the winner. Everyone is fascinated, they just witnessed a great match and now it’s time to reward the winner and who is the Winner? Well the winner was actually the loser.



People were celebrating Adam a junk robot who was found by a kid ( Max Kenton).

Max had a special attraction for the robot. With the help of his Dad ( Charlie Kenton) who was once a professional boxer, Adam went through a series of boxing matches which he won but he faced his biggest opponent Zeus ( One Round Knock-out Robot).

By the time the match was over, everyone knew the winner.

Even though Adam lost to Zeus, he gained the respect of the crowd. Now you might think so what? this is a movie. There are some movies that have a powerful message and Real Steel is one of them. So go watch the movie or watch a clip of the match against Zeus.

A Winning Team Honours A Retiring Football Player.

Football is a very competitive sport. Every team plays  with all determination and passion to win the game. So it was intriguing to see this video.

All I can say is that this player must have had a lot of influence for such event to occur.

Can A Loser Be Influential?

As you can see with the examples above, when I talk about losers, I am not talking about people who have given up on their dreams and have a fixed mindset of no progress. I am talking about people who don’t fit the standards of fame, status or success; whose names are not heard all over the world but are doing their best.

If you are loser, you can make an impact. You can be an influence all around you; your home, community, school and workplace. All you need to do is provide value, be a shinning light to all and you must certainly will be an influence to your generation

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