Self esteem is the live blood of beauty. You would like to maintain self confidence in spite of any situation. Unfortunately there will always come a time when your confidence will be tested; it’s one of nature’s challenge.

Although there are a lot of resources to boost your self esteem on the Web , there are also wrong ways to build your self esteem. Here below are 8 ways of destroying your self esteem. 

Being Too Comfortable

Yes I said and its not what you think. Being comfortable is nice and cool; it makes you enjoy life and there is no stress but then it puts you in a state that is not healthy.

With time if not checked, you become too comfortable and are not willing to move forward.

You become satisfied with where you are and are unwilling to leave that comfort zone and little by little, you destroy your self esteem.

Action: Step outside your comfort zone.

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Being Right all the Time

It’s nice to be right all the time; If you were working in the Stock Market, you will make millions or if you were a scientist, hmmmm there is sure to be a Nobel price coming your way.

Yet the sad truth is that you can’t always be right; There will be times when you make a mistake. You will have series of failures in your journey.

if you don’t learn how to tackle failure and move on, then be ready for a self esteem crash.

Action: Learn to face failure head on; fail and learn as fast as you can

Wanting Others to Make You Happy

If you believe that you need to have your family, loved ones, colleagues and friends in your circle just so that they will always make you happy then think again.

Happiness is an emotion that comes from within. So if you decide not to be happy, no one can make you happy and when no one can make you happy, you going to damage your esteem real bad.

Action:  Learn to be happy that’s all you need to know.

Scared of Failing

Are you so scared of failing that you are not willing to try at all? Do you hold on to your past failures and make excuses as to why things will not work out?

Staying in the status quo or playing small might seem reasonable but it’s not healthy for your Self esteem. You are destroying your confidence faster than you think

By refusing to overcome your fears, you are denying your self esteem a chance to grow positively.

Action: It does not matter how many times you fail as long as you take a step forward

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Being Frustrated all the time

Had a bad day at work? or maybe that idea did not go as planned. When you allow your frustration get to your nerve. It can affect your self confidence.

Action: Ease off from frustration or better still laugh at your frustration. Sounds funny right, how did you feel.

Worry Over What People Think of You

Your self image has taken a lot of damage from negative criticism to the point that you are worried over what people think about you .

So you are skinny, fat, a nerd, geek, nice or whatever they call you. What’s the issue with who you are?

When you hold on to the negative thoughts, you are hurting your self esteem. Besides what people think about you is so flawed

Action: You are unique to others and possess a gift that makes the difference. So don’t be bothered by what people think about you. 

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Being an Imposter

So you can exaggerate your knowledge, experience and  accomplishments and let everyone see you in complete fiction.

You can go as far as living the life of celebrities but be prepared to stay mentally strong as you struggle with imposter syndrome.

If you give in to your doubts and accept the liars that you have created as reality, watch out for your Self image as it gradually plunges.

Action: Do yourself a favour and be yourself

 Denying who you are

The quickest way to damage your self esteem is denying who you are.

By denying your existence, your destiny and purpose; no self esteem is going to survive in that kind of condition; it’s like living without breathing air and you know what happens next.

Action: You are special; You are unique and there is no one that can be you. People are waiting to be blessed by you. So don’t disappoint them. be you; go out and achieve your purpose


Are their other wrongs ways to build your self esteem. Please share on the comments below

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