What You Should Know About The Learning Curve


What You Should Know About The Learning Curve

What if you knew that making your dream a reality, leads you to memorable experiences that will come in handy in designing your dream?

I having been pursuing my passion of making a difference since I was a youngster. There have been the good, the bad and the ugly. However it has been an exciting learning curve and I will like to share with you some of my experiences.  

Here are things that I learned and you should know about the learning curve:

The Mind Deceives People a Lot

Jeff talks about how the brain plays tricks on us. One of the tricks you have probably encountered is when the brain lets you believe that you can’t achieve your dream. 

You have been deceived by the mind that you are lacking certain resources, you don’ have a skill; you are newbie and you will lose everything if you pursue your passion.

If I held on to what my mind had preached to me, I probably would never have blogged in the first place.

I never believed that writing was one my gifts till I took action. It made me realize that my mind deceived me into believing that I was not a good writer.

The thing is that you are full of potential and even though your circumstances will cause you some difficulty, it your decision to take control of your life that will push you to make your dream into a reality.

Don’t let your mind deceive you.Take action now.

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Success Rates Can be Shortened with Failure.

No one likes to fail. It is dreadful. To be a loser can be so uncool which is why it prevents people from taking any action.

I have faced so much failure in making my passion become a reality. I have been told several times to quit because I was wasting my time. Sometimes, I have been frustrated by the blogging process.

However I have come to discover that the more you fail, the more you are able to make progress.

The reason  is that failure becomes a data point to improve yourself and succeed. Each time you make a mistake, it becomes a data point that takes you further to your success.

I have failed indeed but the process has made me to be consistent in blogging. So far my blog is on the right track and it is making a whole lot of difference in the blogosphere.

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Taking Action Makes The Difference

How will you be able to know if your dream will become a reality? Are you sure that you plans will work out as perceived?

What if you were able to gain untapped opportunities even when there is no direction?

How will you be able to imbibe patience, be calm and stay true to your passion despite the pressure?

How will you be able to create your story, design your life, craft your culture and leave a legacy?

This isn’t an easy answer but there is one way to find out and that is taking action. It is only when you take action that you can make a difference 



Over to You

What has been your learning curve experience. Please share in the comment below. 

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