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3 thoughts on “Nothing Stops Working Till You Give Up On Your Dreams”

  1. hello Ikechie
    sometimes dream can’t be acheive whatever you do and strive it day in day out so at that time people feels like give up for their dream, I sometimes also feel give up for my dream and fed up with my stupidity.

    especailly when I use tecthnology if something is hurt me that makes me fed up simply, afterwords I think I,m a worthless for this world but some people jealous of me when I use diffirent flatform here my place and they ask me something help on facebook and I help them that makes proud me.

    but I,m really insufficaint to use technology properly but I will never give up from now on because I didn’t grow up with technology.
    thanks for this educational sharing!!
    now I,m not good at using technology and that harms me to meet the right people or to contact the worlds people on different platform like a paypal account and so on…

    from abebaw

  2. Hi Ikech (IA)
    I feel like to don’t give up on my dream after having reading this post even it takes long time to complete my dream I will not like to despaire on dream.

    I saw many importantly posts which very acceptance and advisable, indeed we all have different obstacles that ban us from our achieving.

    and sometimes we are lose too easily in simply obstacles as well coincidences because we are not able to understood how to win the dream obstacles as you mentioned above.

    as I understood now, some peoples get their dream immediately and the other ones their dream take a time to be done, actually this is as a behance, luckly.

    but the most significant thing is strive, fight to reach our achieving.

    I were been struggling to reach out of my dream and I will continue too, thanks for you post once again Ikech!!!

    it is nice that I saw this post because it will claims me !!!!

    from Abebaw

    1. Hi Abebaw

      I agree that we should fight to make our dreams a reality. I know that you will make a difference in your world. Thanks for sharing your insight. Have a lovely weekend.

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