You are an Inspiration! Don’t forget that. 

Every man has the potential to influence his generation and today we will looking at one guy who is making a difference.

If you have ever heard of The Start of Happiness, then you must know Brendan Baker. He is the man behind this website and that’s not the only home page that is under his control.

Bredan Baker decided that he would be an inspiration to his community by putting a smile on their face- talk about open happiness.

How was he going to achieve this? By teaching people how to achieve happiness in their lives. He believes that people can achieve open happiness if they:

1. Make a Difference
2. Do what they love
3. Surround themselves with amazing people

He offers a lot in his website including:

  • A Premium Training
  • A Live Academy
  • Lots of resources for Business
  • A Free Toolkit
  • Coaching 

These offers are to help you make a difference and an income, doing what you love.

Bredan’s Story

At a young age he almost died but was lucky to survive and that experience shaped his life. He also shares  his experience in the Corporate world. Here is an excerpt of His Story.

Unfortunately, I ended up doing what most people do. I followed the advice from my parents and society. I studied hard, I got a well-paying job and I started to build a very successful career. At the age of 24, I was earning into six-figures and I thought I had my life made. I was thinking that my income can only go up, right? I’m living the dream!

At age 26, I was the youngest person to ever be on the extended leadership team (those that report directly to the Directors) for Australasia and I was part of the Human Resources Leadership Team. My role for the next 2 years was to manage all facets of Talent Management… that is funky language for things such as training and development, performance management, coaching, recruitment, succession planning, employer branding, culture and health and wellness.

Whew!! That’s a lot… and it was.

It was so much in fact that I started to question whether it was worth it. Although I loved most of what I did, there was simply too much of it and there were aspects which just didn’t make sense to me. At times, I would spend weeks pulling a one-day presentation together for a meeting I had to run with the Directors. Although there was always a lot to cover and really valuable information, the level of detail needed was way too much for someone to simply skim over it in a second… it was just a waste of time. Things like this just kept making me question whether I was really making a difference and really doing what I wanted to do.

But after the years in the corporate world and the enjoyment of the salary increases, I began to realise that what I was doing didn’t have any meaning.

I realised I wasn’t alone. I looked around the city streets and watched those going to and from work on public transport. Everyone looked ‘dead’. It’s like peoples souls had been given away. Everyone was slaving time for money doing work that they did not love.

Click here to read the full story.

Bredan’s story is a reminder of  how people go through life doing what they hate. He decided to take action and create a life for himself that was fun and intentional. By making a difference and creating an income for himself, he has giving other people the beacon and compass to do the same.

The Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs for 2014

 I first got to know about his blog through this article. It took him a lot of effort to come up with this list.

Now the Top no list is very popular among bloggers and readers; we like to know the top 10, 20 or 100 of our favourite subjects. One thing I have noticed with top lists is that you are under pressure to follow all the lists.

That’s why one thing that struck me with this list was its intention. Rather than follow all the list, you are expected to pick two or three blogs that resonate with you. I am not under the pressure to follow all the blogs.

 This may seem awkward to many but there is an insight in this message. It shows that no matter the number of blogs on the web, every blog has a voice and an audience. This is a breather for newbies who think that the blogging world is saturated. There will always be an audience for your blogging personality.

So I encourage you to be an inspiration because there are people in your life that you inspire.


N.B. I will be digging more and more people that are inspiration to their generation. So stay tuned.

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