Just reading the features of the software and watching the demo video, makes me go wow! I want to get this application by all means. So I search for the CHECK OUT Button, fill in the necessary information and I am re-directed to a page. I am asked to fill my credit card details and I do just that, till I get to the area where I am to fill my country. I check but Nigeria is not in it which makes me worry.

Then I take closer look and worry turns to disappointment. I just discovered that it’s Paypal

Paypal has banned Nigeria as a result of its fraudulent and money laundry activities. Who would blame them ? If you understand the way they operate and their business model, it’s no argument that Nigeria was banned.

However here reasons why Paypal should reconsider their ban on Nigerians.

1. Nigerian Financial Institutions are better

A lot of Nigerian banks have become stronger, efficient and are operating according to industry best standards. In the past there were hiccups but since the reforms by the Central bank, Nigerian banks are at their top mark. Some of them have even won notable awards from award groups  such as the World Finance Banking Awards, Web Jurist Awards, Best Bank in West Africa, African Banker Awards, Global Finance Awards and notable magazines like Forbes, The Banker Magazine, African Banker Magazine and African Investor magazine.

This shows that they are doing their best and are striving towards making their customers happy.

2. MasterCard and Visa Card

MasterCard and Visa Card have been dealing with Nigeria for a long time now. There is no ATM card that is possessed by a Nigerian that is not from these companies. They have been able to adapt to the African continent and brought out products that are innovative and have solved problems in the financial sector.

If MasterCard and Visa Card which are both multinationals as Paypal and are based in the U.S, have been able to adapt to the Nigerian environment, then what’s stopping Paypal from creating innovative products that will be suitable for Nigerians. 

3. Mobile Revolution

This is a shift happening in the world; it’s the mobile revolution. It’s hit Nigeria already. The number of Smartphones are rising. Experts are excited about this; Mobile Money Start-up like Paga are already making mobile money transfers a norm and are attracting U.S investments

if Sailesh Iyer, managing director of Visafone, has said that mobile broadband is the next step of telecom revolution in Nigeria and CNN recognizes the mobile revolution, then Paypal should.

4. The Internet

Internet penetration in Nigeria is increasing. A lot of businesses in Nigeria have a presence online. The internet was created so that there would be no restriction in knowledge, culture and business. Paypal is a global eCommerce business and should really aim towards being a global player. Rather than restrictions, it should work towards innovation and should try out some crowd sourcing initiatives so that it can get ideas from the users. It should also work with the banks in Nigeria to create products that would be a win -win situation.

If you feel the same way I feel. Then share and lets speak to Paypal. 

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