United Nation International Women's Day 2015

How Women Are Empowering Humanity

Every man has the potential to influence his generation

Congratulation to all women. Yippie. It is another time for International which will be celebrated on the 8th of March.

The Theme for this year’s International women’s day is to remember and actualize a cause that began 20 years ago with a group of women, 4000 Civil Society Organisations and 189 countries who adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action which is a visionary road-map for women’s rights and empowerment.

Even though there has been progress to achieve gender equality, no nation has been able achieve this goal but women all over the world are not giving up which is why they are inspiring the world with this message on Women’s day.

Empowering Women

On the 9th of October 2012, a young girl was shot by a Taliban gunman as she rode home on a bus after taking an exam in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. An assassination attempt was made on Yousafzai Malala because she fought for the rights of girls to be allowed to receive an education in Taliban, Pakistan. Miraculously, she survived the assassination and is pursuing her dreams.



The World was shocked when on the night of 14–15 April 2014, 276 female students were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in the town of Chibok in Borno State, Nigeria. These girls were forced from the boarding house and into the trucks where they were taking to fortified camps and forced to follow a religion.

This act was so shameful as well as the lack of proactive measures by the Nigerian government, that it caused an International outrage and then families, friends, activists, religious groups and civil societies took their protests to Social Media which gave birth to the #BringBackOurGirls platform.  


It is sad that these girls were captured by terrorists (who claim to fight for freedom and are opposed to Western Education) because they are trying to avoid ignorance and be well informed. 

There are countless number of women facing violence and whose rights are being abused. Why does the world feel threatened by the potential of the Girl-child?  Women have made history by making a difference.

Radia: women of achievement: UN Women's Day 2015 Abia: women of achievement: UN Women's Day 2015


So this makes me wonder why gender should be an issue. Why are the rights of women not respected?

Now this doesn’t mean that the World is just folding its hands and doing nothing. There has considerable achievements; certain barriers have been lifted and we see women today playing important roles in the Economy, Business, Government and even promoting services that do benefit humanity  but this infogragh shows that there is more to be done.


Empowering Humanity

“The World will never realize 100% of its potential, if 50% of its people are still held back”. UN Women

Is it not possible that Equality can be the cure to solve our Economic and Financial issues? Is it not possible that Equality can reduce to zero the Wars and Violence that are so rampant in our world. Has it ever occurred to you that Equality can alleviate poverty, reduce health hazards and promote humanitarian crises?

Let us look down the timeline and ask ourselves if gender inequality has ever benefited this world. Let us look inwards and review if it is beneficial to hold back the potentials of a few people. There are so much benefit that equality can bring to this world because everyone can make a difference and no one is insignificant

Just Picture It

Here is the vision of all women in the world;

We envisage a world where all women and girls have equal opportunities and rights by 2030 at the latest. UN Women

Do you picture it?

To bring out 100% of the potential of this world, women have to be empowered to exercise choices such as getting an education, participating in politics, making an income and living in societies free from violence and discrimination.

Although, a lot of nations are beginning to promote gender equality and even allow women to participate more in labour force and politics, but gender equality has yet to be achieved.

Women have decided not just to make it a vision but to take action by encouraging nations to provide more laws that will empower women all over the world and you can play a great part to achieve this goal.

What Part Do You Have To Play?

1. Change Your Mindset. So Simple

2. Picture Equality and take Action. Spread the message and be the agent of change

I would love you to share your opinion about this issue

step it up UN WOMEN 2015


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6 thoughts on “How Women Are Empowering Humanity”

  1. Hi Ikechi,

    This was a wonderful post on Women’s day. 🙂

    Definitely things are much better for women than a few centuries or decades ago, but still a lot needs to be done. She hasn’t earned full freedom, liberty, rights, and respect that she deserves. But we all have to keep working at it and be hopeful that we will live to see it happen in our lifetime.

    Malala is an exceptional girl. We all are so proud of her. She has set an example of courage and determination for women of all ages around the world.

    What happened back in Nigeria is so shocking, and I’m amazed that so many abducted girls haven’t been rescued up till now? Not a trace of them, that’s really strange.

    I ask the same question – why do men feel so insecure and threatened by women? I’ve written about that on my blog in my Women’s Day post. The violence and abuse against women has to stop now.

    Thanks for sharing the information about the women who made history by making a difference. I did not know about Radia and Abia. The facts in the infographic are very revealing and relevant for the revolution of equality for women.

    It’s good that the organizations like the UN are campaigning hard for the cause. Equality is definitely the answer and it can help bring peace and prosperity in the world. Empowerment of women is the way to go, while the men and women need to change their mindset for the world of equality.

    Thank you for showcasing the problem and suggesting its solutions. I’m sharing and spreading this information. Have a nice weekend, and Happy Women’s Day to you too (for the women in your life) 🙂

    1. i Harleena

      As usual your words of wisdom are so profound.

      I agree that Malala is a wonder woman of achievement, fearless and willing to fight the cause of the women of all ages.

      The Chibok girls incident still rocks fear in my country. Parents of the victims have been sad. I however know that this situation will be resolved eventually and such practice will be put to a stop.

      I am glad you loved the infograph and I wasn’t aware of such women of Influence like Abua and Radia but from the time past, women have made so much history.

      Equality can bring a lot of benefits. For so long gender inequality has done so much in our world rather than wars and violence. It is time that we begin to change our mindset and rethink Inequality. That way we will be able to embrace Equality and achieve the goal in 2030.

      Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

  2. A very nice thought Ikechi. I totally believe in your idea of “change of mind set” I guess that’s the only way we can change the plight of Women in today’s society. As I am an Indian, all these years I have seen the suffering of Indian girls at the hand of even educated men.
    Especially in the rural areas/countryside, girls are just supposed to be a child making machine and a house-keeper. Girl child is not given equal opportunity to study as given to a male child.

    In cities, its ok for a boy to loiter around, but girls are supposed to the sole beared of respect and honour…..

    At times i feel ashamed to see such state of girls in a country like India and I firmly believe that the change in the mind set of the society and strict action against women harassment are the only ways to bring my girls out of this pitiful condition.

    Very well thought article Ikechi!!

    1. Hi Arpita

      Thanks for the kind words. What have you have shared is touching as it reminds me of the plight of African girls who are same situation as in India. I wonder how roles became so ingrained in gender that one set of people are looked down upon.

      Yes, changing the mindset of the World about Equality will put an stop to this harassment. We need to keep empowering humanity with this message till equality is achieved. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Ikechi

    Thanks for sharing this highly informative post with us. A few important facts have been presented that I was not aware of before.

    The struggle is long and hard fought but I do believe that the time will come when the world will experience gender equality. Every small victory brings us a step closer to that goal.

    There are many women who are not fearful or intimidated and the struggles only help to make them more resilient.

    It is sad that the Nigerian girls have not yet been found; it is heartbreaking that girls are forced into marriages at very tender ages and are forced to miss out on their childhood but I see a change coming.

    We will not give uo the fight. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Yvonne

      As you said, though the struggle might seem hard but the good thing is that we achieve Equality in this world. I am saddened too that the Chibok girls in Nigeria have not been found. This is painful as the parents of these girls are suffering in agony.

      As long as we don’t give up on the fight for Equality, I agree that the challenges only make more women stronger in their quest. We will keep empowering and preaching the message of equality till it is achieved. Thanks for sharing. Have a pleasant week.

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