Be An Inspiration: A Year of Productivity

Do you want to stay productive and have fun? Have you tried all the tips and tricks to stay productive yet you feel bored, stressed, and burnt out; you are not alone.

As jobs become more competitive and distractions are on the increase, you definitely would want your day to be productive. It’s no wonder that there are so many productivity tips on the internet; there is so much to accomplish and little time.

However, in spite of all the tips being shared by experts, people still struggle with staying productive which is why one man decided to put productivity to test in his life and sacrificed his two job offers to achieve this goal.

Chris Bailey had a plan. For one year (May 1, 2013- May 1, 2014), he devoured books on productivity and did some experiments on himself which he shared on his website ( A Year of Productivity). If you want to be productive, you definitely need to check it out.

Chris does provide great insight . Here are some of his thoughts on productivity:

There are three ingredients you combine on a daily basis to be productive: time, energy, and attention

Chris shows that your time, energy, and focus is what contributes to your productivity on a daily basis. The way you manage these three areas will affect your productivity.

Some people can manage their time and energy but they lack focus and are easily distracted. While for others they can manage their energy and attention but can’t manage their time so they end up procrastinating a lot.

Some can manage their time and focus but can’t manage their energy, so they drag their feet at every task. Your time, energy, and focus are key factors to productivity.

Always question blanket productivity advice

Chris believes that it’s ok to ignore conventional wisdom if something works better for you. For instance, if you can get work done before you retire to bed, then do so. He believes that we all different mindsets and different priorities so no productivity advice can work 100% for everyone.

There is no one secret to becoming more productive, but there are hundreds of tactics you can use to get more done

If you are looking for a holy grail to productivity, I am sorry to disappoint you as there is none. However if you are looking for tactics that you can use to get things then done then you can check 100 time, energy, and attention hacks to be more productive written by Chris.  Here you see all the tactics he used to get productive and you can work with one that resonates with you.

Productivity isn’t about how much you produce, it’s about how much you accomplish

This is the best quote i have heard about productivity. In a world where statistics and measurements are the standards of the day, people measure their productivity on a daily basis. This isn’t bad except that you don’t become productive by measuring how well you produce. The reason is very simple and Chris does outline the problem which is that stats and measurements do produce a limited picture of your productivity.

When it comes to human productivity I agree with Chris that your accomplishments matter more than your stats on productivity. Focusing on measurements will diminish your productivity level.

Making a Difference

Chris is an inspiration to his generation as his experiments have helped million of users who wish to improve on productivity. Giving up two incredible full jobs to learn productivity and share it with others is a noble cause.

You are an inspiration to your generation. Just like Chris, your experience and mistakes can help and save millions of people. You might not be able to save the world in every area but you can make an impact just being you so be an inspiration

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