Here is a Checklist Before You Consider Yourself a Loser

So! you think that you are a loser. You have got your mind made up that you are just worthless and nothing good can come from being you. OH REALLY! you feel most people don’t want to have anything to do with you.

You have been told that you are a nobody. Judging from all that has happened in your life which no can understand, you are starting to feel that maybe you truly are a LOSER. The worse is that you have even tried being clingy yet you are all alone. Maybe you really are a loser.

Now Hold on!!, just before you accept your presupposed destiny, please do take the time to go through this checklist so that you can ascertain whether you certainly are a Loser

1. You Are Human

Now I like you to think for a second if you really are human. Maybe you were not born like the rest of humanity; maybe you are different. You can look at this video below to be really sure if you are in doubt. If you are human, then I wonder why you are a loser.

Don't let the World force feed you with a Label that you are a loser. You are just amazing and this is the factClick To Tweet

2. You have So Much To Offer

Now that we have got that out of the way that you ain’t what people label you to be, the next question you need to ask yourself is what do you have to offer.

Do you think you have much to offer? Sure you do.

If you really believe that you can’t make a difference. How do you know for sure that there is nothing you can offer?

Is it because you are not a celebrity or maybe you are not a model or you have got no expert interview from any network or maybe because the world isn’t screaming your name in praise. What makes you feel that your actions can’t make a significant change?

To really consider whether you have nothing to offer, Read Making a Difference

3. You Have A Voice

Do you actually believe that no one is listening to you. Why?

Is it because your work isn’t appreciated? No one has given you credit for anything that you have done. Instead of praising you for your effort, you are brought down, made to look stupid and even mocked. No one seems to acknowledge you.

if this is the reason why you feel like no one is listening to you? Isn’t it possible that people haven’t noticed your work or that maybe you have the wrong goals when it comes to problem solving?

You should check this out; What Do You Do When No One Appreciates Your Work? You will know for sure that you do have a voice which matters so much.

4. You Can Succeed

So you have been faced with so much failure. You have been called loser so many times.

Does that mean that you can’t succeed? Is success a process or an outcome?

Has failure dealt with you so much that you are at the brink of surrender?

There is a saying that tough times don’t last only tough people do. If all you see is your failure then you going to miss the lessons from the journey.

You are not going take notice of what you have achieved during your failing process. All you are going to dwell on is that you are just a loser.

Just because you have failed doesn’t mean you are a complete loser, it just shows that you can adapt by making adjustments, learning and moving forward.

5. You have a Choice

if you still believe that you are loser then you have probably made this choice. Nothing ever happens by accident.  Every experience or challenge is stem out of a belief.

If you believe that your circumstances and situations control your emotions and actions. Then you are wrong! It is actually the opposite.  

If you are not controlled by your circumstances and challenges. If your emotions don’t dictate your situation, then how then  are you so sure that you are a loser.

6. You are an Inspiration

Here is the final check list, Do you believe that you can’t be a blessing to your generation? Do you need a big leap to make a difference? Is your little action of no effect to this world?

Maybe you are just despising your little beginnings. You are allowing the pressures of the world to make you stereotype and frustrate your creativity. If criminals inspire other upcoming criminals, then whatever you are is an inspiration to another. Just conquer your deepest fear.

Your Decision

Having looked at all this checklist, If you still think you are a loser, read this again but this time with an empty cup. You will realize that you are significant beyond measure.

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