There is a saying that cowards create cowards, scoundrels create scoundrels, and losers can create only losers.

So you have given up on life; talked down on other people’s dreams; been unmotivated and uninspired; got jealous over dumb stuff and shown hate to your world or you have probably done worse.

Right now, your destiny seems to be heading towards being a loser but before you consider yourself a loser, take the time to go through this checklist.

1. You Are Human

Think for a second!! You are human. As one that was gifted by God, you were blessed with every trait and attribute that makes you stand out.

No one was born useless and not certainly you. So why do you spend more time focusing on your failures?

You can watch this video below and listen to the insight of Prince as he shows you that your essence is not defined by society.

Don't let the World force feed you with a Label that you are a loser. You are just amazing and this is the factClick To Tweet

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2. What’s a Loser to You?

What you think is useless to you isn’t useless to another. Everyone is here for a reason. You were not destined with a confirmed label as a loser.

There is nothing in life that is useless . The gift that you possess which seems to have no value today will come to be useful in the future.

Every of your unique flaws and imperfections is for a purpose. There is a meaning and reason for it. No one can decide for you the purpose of your life on earth.

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The bridge that is standing between you and Success is a simple step which is your mindset to never give up.

Once you come to terms with your past failures and accept them, all that is waiting for you is your Journey to Success.

3. You Have a Voice

Bai Fangli was a virtuous man in China who is remembered for providing education for his Community. He was not a celebrity nor a rich man so why would he be an icon in China?

At the age of 75, rather than taking a break and retiring, he worked hard with a Rickshaw and donated 350,000 yuan to support more than 300 students in his community.

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If age did not stop Bai from becoming a voice in his Community, why do you think that your voice is insignificant?

You do have a unique message and voice which has the power to make a difference, to build up courage, to leave a mark, to make people overcome their limitations, and to make someone feel belonged.

This is what attracts people to provide you with guidance, direction, and coaching to achieve your goals and biggest desires.

Your Voice does matter and can cause a transformation

4. Is Your Horror Fixed for Life?

You have been faced with so much failure and can’t count how many times you have lost. Nothing seems to come out right and you have come to terms that you are cursed.

You are a loser and there is nothing nobody can do for you .

Well! let me ask you; is your situation fixed for life? Is failure a process or an outcome to you?

No matter how much demons you face in your life, no condition is ever permanent. Why?

Tough times will always be here but what is constantly changing is the mindset to say strong.

Let your pain make you be tough and strong mentally. Life is a process which is filled with ups and down but it has a way of bringing the best of you.

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If it doesn’t challenge you , it won’t change you

5. Has Your Choice been Stolen?

If you believe that you are loser then who made the choice for you?

Who stole your authority to control your life? Was your choice taken from you ?

Nothing ever happens by accident.  Every experience or challenge is stem out of a belief.

If you believe that your circumstances and situations control your emotions and actions, then you will respond to situations based on your emotion.

And yet the simple solution to this is actually the opposite.  

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Truth be told! You are the sole architect of your life. So take action today and make a difference

What’s Your Decision

Having looked at all this checklist, If you still think you are a loser, read this again but this time with an empty cup. You will realize that you are significant beyond measure.



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